Understanding Zero1 Labs: DEAI ecosystem that creates new economic primitives

24-03-18 12:45
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The increased demand for AI hardware reflected in OpenAI’s Sora launch and NVIDIA’s earnings report earlier this year has once again fueled interest in AI, further driving up prices in the cryptocurrency AI sector.

Zero1 Labs, featured in this article, is at the forefront of pioneering the first inclusive PoS DeAI ecosystem for builders and users. With the support of over 25 angel investors and a team well versed in SEI, Solana, and Wormhole, Zero1 Labs is poised to revolutionize the DeAI landscape.

Inclusive PoS DeAI Ecosystem

Zero1 is a decentralized artificial intelligence (DeAI) ecosystem focused on data governance. Created a comprehensive DeAI product suite that provides a secure, modular, and interconnected platform for DeAI tools and applications. Combined with the Zero1 Build Program and proprietary Cypher Chain, it has established an elastic flywheel to power the upcoming DeAI revolution, providing a more affordable alternative to the PoW-based TAO subnet.

Zero1's mission is to simplify the development process and enhance the discoverability, growth, and monetization of DeAI products while ensuring that user data remains in the hands of its rightful owners.


Keymaker is an open platform of more than 20 DeAI multimodal tools, fusing proprietary and community-contributed products to simplify the creation of DeAI applications. The Zapier-like Keymaker API acts as a central hub for integration, providing developers with a unified source of tools for all AI dApps. This cohesive approach streamlines the development process, saving valuable time and resources while enabling developers to easily create automated solutions. The platform is designed to simplify the creation, access, and discoverability of DeAI applications, enabling developers to build faster, smarter, and more secure AI agents. Through the permissionless DeAI Marketplace, users and developers can discover and use DeAI applications.

Keymaker is the largest DeAI Apps ecosystem, providing developers with a variety of tools and resources to promote their projects. Leveraging proven ETH tools and the permissionless DeAi marketplace, Keymaker enables developers to explore new areas of AI innovation without restrictions.


Cypher is a groundbreaking PoS-based DeAI application chain that aims to revolutionize the landscape of AI and cryptocurrency. At its core, it combines blockchain technology with advanced AI algorithms to create a dynamic ecosystem where users can contribute data, train specialized models, and earn tokens in return. Cypher works on the principles of user participation and data contribution. Users are incentivized to collect and submit data, forming the backbone of the AI model training process. Through data contribution, users can earn tokens as rewards, creating a collaborative environment where the community drives the development of AI technology.

The training of highly specialized AI models makes Cypher stand out, each focusing on a specific field or niche market. Unlike generalized models, Cypher's AI models delve into their respective fields, providing unparalleled accuracy and insights in specific fields. By leveraging specialized models, Cypher aims to surpass existing AI frameworks. The project’s commitment to specialization ensures that AI solutions can be precisely tailored to address the unique challenges of different industries and sectors.

A key aspect of Cypher’s architecture is its sophisticated orchestration mechanism, designed to coordinate the flow of specific AI models within the ecosystem. By optimizing model distribution, Cypher improves efficiency, scalability, and adaptability, unlocking new areas of AI deployment in sectors as diverse as healthcare, finance, cybersecurity, and more.

Zero Economic Framework

The Zero Economic Framework has two core elements: code contributions and DeApps usage.

Contributions are provided by DeAI developers, and usage is determined by end users. As a community-centric DeAI app distribution marketplace, Zero1 mediates and facilitates exchanges between developers and users. Once a DeAI application is built and ready, developers can add their products to Zero1's open, community-centric app store, without permission, and the system helps users find the best tools for their needs. When the application is used, the developer will be rewarded with $DEAI tokens. The number of tokens is based on actual usage, not proof of work as seen in the PoW model.

In addition, to further increase the visibility of DeAI Apps, Zero1 provides marketing support and advertising products to the existing user and developer community. It is also possible to get more comprehensive help through Zero1's Zero Construct Program.

Team Background and Roadmap

The team consists of talents with different backgrounds. They have worked in well-known companies such as Wormhole, Orderly, Solana, Sei, Asymetrix, Global Ledger and Securitize. The rich experience base of team members drives the operation of Zero1 Labs.

CTO Herman Stohniev worked at Orderly Network and is responsible for the development of Zero1 products within the team. Blockchain Head Rostylav Bortman Rostylav has more than 7 years of experience in driving innovation and is responsible for implementing blockchain solutions that meet Zero1's goals. DeAI Developer Andrii Tikhonov Andrii is tasked with driving the forefront of DeAI solutions within the Zero1 ecosystem, and is at the forefront of groundbreaking solutions that redefine the intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Andrey Lazorenko serves as a strategic advisor to Zero1, providing industry insights and guidance to Zero1's leadership team and stakeholders, such as providing advice on market trends, building partnerships, and conducting due diligence.

Zero1 will launch a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) to facilitate project financing and enhance token distribution. It will begin at 12:00 (UTC) on Sunday, March 17, 2024, and end at 12:00 (UTC) on Wednesday, March 20, 2024. Purchases of tokens will be available on the Fjord Foundry platform, and participants will be able to exchange USDT for $DEAI (Zero1's token) at the prevailing market rate on the Ethereum mainnet. Additionally, Zero1 is in talks with multiple CEXs for listings and market making.

In the Zero Economic Framework, Mainframe Vaults allow users to stake $DEAI while offering staking rewards and the opportunity to participate in lockups to receive ecosystem incentives, using a similar strategy to Celestia. Holders of $DEAI tokens will have priority participation in three upcoming Zero Construct Programs that are currently being kept confidential. In addition, they will benefit from token airdrops for initiatives selected by the Zero Construct Program.

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