Blast and Base NFT are heating up, what are they doing?

24-03-27 12:57
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Although the Ethereum mainnet NFT is still weak, the two "little brothers" Blast and Base are gradually regaining some face for Ethereum and attracting some attention from NFT players from Bitcoin and Solana. Which Blast and Base NFT projects have attracted attention? Rhythm editor will take stock for you.


The Blast ecosystem was really a bit unreliable at the beginning. Many NFT projects ran away after they were issued, leaving the brave NFT players in the wind. But now, reliable projects are slowly emerging and have a good market.


The first batch of Blast Gold "Gold Points" has been issued, and 1 Gold is approximately equal to 35,000 Blast Points. Plutocats has surged 5 times in the past week, thanks to a Blast Gold allocation that is much higher than other NFT projects, and the current floor price is about 2 ETH.

Plutocats is quite similar to "Nouns" on Blast. It is a fully on-chain generative PFP that uses VRDGA pricing for continuous Dutch auctions. VRDGA can dynamically adjust the selling price of NFTs, raising the price if supply is insufficient and lowering the price if supply is excessive, so that the daily sales can be as close to the expected release timeline as possible.

The ETH obtained from the sales is used to earn Blast revenue. In the future, Plutocats will have an ERC-20 Token for DAO governance, and holders can also choose to return the Plutocats NFT in exchange for ETH to exit.

Crypto Valley

Crypto Valley is the "QQ Farm" on Blast and has launched the native Token $YIELD. The PFP series "Crypto Valley Characters" minted for free by the project currently has a floor price of 0.34 ETH, of which #1137 was traded at 8.88 ETH 5 days ago.

"Crypto Valley Characters" can provide players with coefficient bonuses when harvesting crops in the game. The game's roadmap also mentions that the "Adventurer" gameplay will be launched in Phase 2. Players will be able to use the "Adventurer" character for adventures, and the function of players forming a union will also be opened.


GameFi NFT project Munchables Since the launch of the "Lockup Airdrop" on March 22, TVL has Over $80 million. The project announced on March 13 that it had received an undisclosed Pre-Seed round of financing co-led by Manifold and Mechanism Capital.

Munchables is a very " DeFi" project, it can also be seen from the gameplay of Munchables that the current main hype logic of Blast NFT is to maximize the capital income on Blast. You must lock up at least 1 ETH into Munchables for at least 30 days before you can Free Mint one Munchables. The greater the proportion of players' locked positions, the more "Schnibbles" they will harvest for feeding Munchables. ETH locked into Muchables can still bring Blast point rewards to players, and the project will also distribute 100% of the Blast developer airdrops and revenue generated to players.

Since the entry threshold of 1 ETH may be a bit high, @Juice_Finance specially launched a Munchables Vault with a scale of 5,000 ETH and a leverage of up to 3 times. The pool was full in less than 24 hours, and then Juice increased the scale to 7,500 ETH. Then it was filled up again... This loan pool is equivalent to harvesting Munchables rewards, Blast rewards and $JUICE at the same time.

Not long after I wrote the article, this morning, Munchables announced that it had been attacked. According to Pidun monitoring, there is a problem with the Munchables locking contract, and 17,400 ETH (approximately $62.3 million) has been stolen. (Recommended reading: Blast ecological project had $60 million stolen, and social engineering was used by North Korean hackers" I understand”)


XCOPY and Jack Butcher’s Open Edition series

The Open Edition series "MUTATIO" released by XCOPY on Base sold 1,023,831 copies during the 2-day casting period, with total sales exceeding 700 ETH.

Open Edition of Jack Butcher The series "1988" also sold 148,464 copies within 1 day, with total sales of approximately 119 ETH.

Jack Butcher late last year At that time, a series called "Oviators" was released on Base, and holders could receive physical airdrops. The current floor price is 0.15 ETH.

Following the artists to Solana After releasing Meme Token on the Internet, Base took over and made artists rich first.

Based Fellas

Based Fellas is the first 10K PFP series on Base. It has risen more than 10 times in the past week, and the current floor price is 0.21 ETH.

When this project was released It's from Free Mint, and they are about to launch their own Token $FELLA.


The total amount is 2222, Mint price is 0.003 ETH, no white order is open for casting, It rose to 0.1 ETH in less than 2 hours. The creator @gmhuntergm has previously been active in Jack Butcher's Opepen series of ecological creations.

Jesse Pollak, head of Base protocol, "called for orders "After that, the floor price went from around 0.13 ETH to a maximum of 0.4 ETH or more due to FOMO.

tiny based frogs


This is the first fully on-chain dynamic NFT series on Base. In the past week, the floor price increased by more than 5 times.

Creator@dailofrog It can be said to be a "multi-line bloom". His previous art series "Memory Blocks" on Ordinals has the highest It once rose to around 0.05 Bitcoin, which is a 10-fold increase from the offering price. In addition, he also has an NFT series Blast Rocks on Blast.

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