Ether inscriptions are revitalized. What are Blobscriptions?

24-03-28 12:41
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After the "Bitcoin Stamps 2.0" of OLGA appeared in Bitcoin, Ethscriptions also formed the "Ethscriptions 2.0" of Blobscriptions. The co-founder of Ethscriptions @dumbnamenumbers tweeted early this morning Beijing time to announce the official launch of Blobscriptions.

This tweet mentioned The "Duck Rabbit" is a meme favored by @dumbnamenumbers, who posted this image on the Base network in August last year.

He also got Received the reply from Base protocol founder Jesse Pollak:

Jesse Pollak: Thank you for putting "Duck Rabbit" on Base

And through Etherscan we can also see that @dumbnamenumbers himself is posting Before announcing the launch of Blobscriptions on Twitter, I played a Blobscriptions version of "Duck Rabbit".

Therefore, a large number of players began Follow with the Blobscriptions version of "Duck Rabbit". As the editor writes this article, Gas is already skyrocketing. According to the insufficient balance prompt in the picture below, the cost of purchasing a Blobscriptions version of "Duck Rabbit" at this time is approximately 0.1 ETH...

Since an Ethereum block can only pass 6 Blob data, if you enter it at this time, , need to wait about 6 blocks.

(data source: ethernow .xyz)

So what are Blobscriptions?

What are Blobscriptions?

The "Blob" introduced in EIP-4844 enables anyone to store data on Ethereum at a price that is 10 to 100 times cheaper than calldata. Ether Inscription can further reduce the cost of burning. According to @dumbnamenumbers, we can burn a 768 kb ether inscription for less than $5.

However, this "discount" comes at a price. Since Blob is a data type focused on storing Layer 2 transaction data (the purpose is to distinguish it from Layer 1 calldata to reduce Layer 2 transaction fees), Ethereum itself does not guarantee the availability of Blob data for more than 18 days.

@dumbnamenumbers specifically explained this - it doesn't matter, our Ether Inscription indexer will store this data indefinitely.

So in summary, Ether Inscription cleverly uses the new features of Ethereum to reduce burning costs for itself.

How to burn Blobscriptions?

Visit for Blobscription burning. After entering the website, we first click "Create a burner for me", and then the website will generate a new wallet for us and import the private key to a Web3 wallet such as Metamask. After importing, remember to check whether it is consistent with the displayed address.

Then follow the steps below. Remember to transfer ETH to the new address for Pay the cost of burning.

People have been seen so far The Token that is playing BLOB-20 should be made by the person in the picture below. He provides a tool specifically for creating BLOB20 Token, and everyone needs to identify the security by themselves.

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