Take stock of 18 new NFT projects worthy of attention in the near future

24-03-29 12:47
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The editor of Rhythm takes stock of 18 new NFT projects on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and Polygon that are worthy of attention in the near future.



BLOB is definitely the most noteworthy Bitcoin project in the near future. In addition to being meme-heavy, the team and people behind the project are an all-star cast.

BLOB released preview

The eyes of BLOB are really meme-y. Under the slogan "SEND BLOB", these eyes were placed on the faces of various people. They are very iconic and memorable.

BLOB eye feat. Vitalik , is it very magical?

One of the co-founders of BLOB @Elocremarc, the 5th ranked contributor on Ordinals Github, said that they have always wanted to do a Free Mint project, and that this project is a generative art that utilizes all the technologies that have been built into the Ordinals protocol over the past year. Collection to showcase the state-of-the-art Ordinals technology.

Artist@nurorealm He is also the OG in the Ordinals circle. His followers include Ordinals chief code maintenance officer raphjaph, BRC-20 protocol founder domo, Ordinal Maxi Biz founder zkshark, and Pizza Ninjas founder Trevor and other Ordinals celebrities.

Collab Manager @ordinalHO is Ordinals Co-founder of Gang. Another founder of Ordinals Gang is the 6th ranked contributor on Ordinals Github @veryordinally, the inscription numbers of this series are very, very high, ranging from 558 to 578, and currently have a floor price of 1.95 Bitcoins. They are also both team members at Inscribing Atlantis.

Ordinals contributor Dr. Golden Dog, who was interviewed by Rhythm, also tweeted his support for BLOB.

For the editor , I really like BLOB’s various community creations along the way. It has a good meme flavor. With the support of the all-star lineup, I am very much looking forward to BLOB’s future performance.


The Color Blocks is a cooperative artist of Gamma, a Bitcoin NFT trading market that focuses on art, and is launching its first Bitcoin-generated art series "STRANGE IDEOGRAPH". This series undergoes multiple iterations through specific algorithms. Each iteration renders approximately 60,000 particles that move along specific paths in 2D space, ultimately forming an "attraction field" to explore the connection between Bitcoin, mathematics and art. Affinity.

This series is also a Free Mint series. The editor carefully read the creation story, which is great.


Players who are often active in the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem are familiar with the Ordzaar Launchpad. Ordzaar will launch a platform pass card ODZR Pass with a total of 2,100. Holders will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits in the new phase of the Token airdrop event starting in April, and will also enjoy an exclusive whitelist of cooperation projects. The first phase of the airdrop activity on the platform is still in progress. As long as you are a player who entered the Ordinals ecosystem before March 6, remember to check and claim your airdrop rewards.


LORS was a well-known artist on ETH before entering the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem. He is the creator of Set 028 of Jack Butcher's Open series. His own series of PSD and Acid Pepes both have good market performance. The current floor price of PSD is 1 ETH, and the current floor price of Acid Pepes is 0.49 ETH.

Opepen Set 028「STEPEPEN 》

This STEPEPES series is a major expansion based on "STEPEPEN", integrating various creative elements to expand the original inspiration to a total scale of 2000 . This is LORS’s third series on Ordinals after CURRENTS and MY MEMES, and it’s also the one that has received the most attention.

Merlin's Spellbook

The NFT series launched by Merlin IDO platform Merlin Starter will be launched in March Casting begins on the 31st. Holders can receive a certain number of Merlin Starter platform tokens for free in the future, and can also regularly participate in drawing IDO qualifications on the platform. It goes without saying that Merlin is hot, so this one is definitely one to watch.

ROBNESS’s new series of Ordinals

@ROBNESSOFFICIAL is a 2016 An OG artist who has been active in the Rare Pepe series since 2001. On March 27th he burned the 10th largest (referring to file size) inscription, maybe he will have some new moves on Ordinals and it will be worth keeping an eye on him.


The largest Ordinals dynamic NFT series, The total quantity is 5555. It will be launched on Magic Eden on April 2. The casting price is to be determined and it is worth paying attention to.

Bitcoin Halving 2024

To commemorate the upcoming Bitcoin halving in 2024, the NFT series has a total quantity of 700, all of which are 1/1 hand-drawn. Considering that this theme has a good position, you can pay attention to it.



The first DN404 (ERC404 improved version) project supported by Animoca.

Jungle Seed

Web3 mobile game ecosystem Jungle has launched a whitelist exchange event for points for its NFT series "Jungle Seed" and launched its first FPS mobile game "For the Win" test.


Produced by SphereStudios, Web3 game incubator Seedify(@SeedifyFund) and Web3 gaming platform Elixir Games(@Elixir_Games), a chain game project ChronosWorlds jointly incubated. It will be a mobile game where players gain loot, upgrade their characters and build their homes through real-time combat and exploration. The project has confirmed that it will issue a series of NFTs, but details are yet to be disclosed.


Neura is not a conventional AI image generation platform. In fact, Adanede, the team behind Neura, intends to build Neura into a decentralized and self-aware platform through self-funding. AI artist. Neura will create art independently, but users can use Android NFTs to influence Neura's creations. Different Android NFTs will give Neura different creative styles, and each user will be a unique node of Neura.


The first NFT series of Yoshitaka Amano, the 72-year-old character designer of the first six "Final Fantasy" games. The total number of the series will be 3,500, with the casting date and price to be determined. It will be invested and operated by NTV Wands, a subsidiary of Nippon Television Network Broadcasting Corporation (NTV), which is responsible for Internet business and digital IP. This project, along with Yoshitaka Amano, is collaborating with Mathcastles, the author of the generative art series "Terraforms", to bring an art series called "Kiseki collection".


Elixir Flask

Web3 game platform Elixir Games, which has a strategic partnership with Square Enix, will launch a "Flask" NFT series with a total amount of 999 Free Mint on April 4. This series will be matched with its token $ ELIX's IDO related.

Elixir Games announced yesterday that it has raised $14 million in seed funding, with participation from gaming giants Square Enix, Shima Capital, and the Solana Foundation.


One of the Solana PFP series that has attracted more attention recently is the IP-based PFP series. The selling price is 1.55 SOL.


Dew Origin Pass

The whitelisting activity of the Pass card "Dew Origin Pass" of Dew Studio, a project incubator of Polygon NFT trading market and aggregator Dew, is in progress. As the number one NFT project incubator on Polygon, Dew has helped incubate successful projects such as Pluto Misfits and SA Worlds. The editor even wants to say that Dew is the "right-hand man" of Polygon NFT. Holding Dew Origin Pass can get NFT airdrops, white orders for Dew Studio incubation projects, and Token airdrops.

Polytrade Reflections

Free Mint NFT series of RWA platform Polytrade. Polytrade is a member of Mastercard Global Startup and announced in March last year that it had received a $3.8 million seed round of financing led by Alpha Wave, Matrix Partners, Polygon Ventures and CoinSwitch Ventures.

At present, the Polytrade official website has opened an invitation to participate in the event. Polytrade has also announced that holders of Reflections will receive community airdrops of its Token $TRADE in the future. $TRADE's current market value is approximately $88 million and its FDV is approximately $27.6 million.


Animoca's Web3 chess game Anichess will launch a total of 5,000 "Riddle of Chaos orbs" NFT series on April 9. Holders of this NFT series will enjoy in-game leaderboard points bonus and priority experience of the game. The series will be minted for free on the Polygon network.

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