AIxCrypto Weekly Report: Chain game GAMIN rose more than 30 times before the market; "AI MEME leader" $GPU hit a new high

24-03-29 19:33
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This week, the AI sector has become less popular. Except for the merger of three projects,, SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol, which stimulated the prices of their respective tokens, the tokens of mainstream AI projects did not fluctuate significantly. In addition, the decentralized AI creation platform MyShell attracted community discussion. This week, it launched the TTS subnet on Bittensor and received tens of millions of financing led by Dragonfly.

The combination of AI x Crypto has just begun. It seems that whether it is looking for Alpha projects with long-term development potential, or relying on speed and information gap to rush into the "dog plate", or following good leading projects to obtain stable returns, there will be good returns on investment.

BlockBeats has sorted out the dynamics worth paying attention to in the AIxCrypto field this week, as follows.

What are you talking about?

The AI blockchain game GAMIN rose more than 30 times before the market, but performed poorly after listing

The blockchain game combined with AI technology is very attractive in itself. BlockBeats once introduced the decentralized infrastructure platform GAIMIN for gamers in "Buff is fully stacked, 12 "AI+GameFi" projects you should pay attention to", which conducted TGE this week.

GAIMIN's value expectations before TGE were high. GAIMIN conducted IDO on Seedify on March 23 and 24, and the price of $GMRX was 0.0029 US dollars. By the time $GMRX was launched on the centralized trading platform on March 26, its price had already been hyped up to $0.09 on the OTC platform Whales Market, an increase of more than 30 times, with a FDV of more than 6 billion.

However, after it was launched on the trading platform, $GMRX suffered a sharp drop at the opening. After a continuous rise for 1 day, it began to fall step by step. As of the time of writing, the price was $0.019.

Yesterday, GAIMIN announced a partnership with Aethir, a decentralized cloud infrastructure platform, to share GPU resources with each other. The story of $GMRX is still developing.

GM Network White Orders Sweep the Screen

Following Aethir's record of selling more than $90 million in 24 hours last week, the CyberV NFT white order promotion of the AI+DePIN project GM Network swept the Chinese KOL circle this week.

It is reported that GM Network is built on OP Stack and cooperates with Altlayer and Eigenlayer. It is a modular L2 and component system designed specifically for DePIN.

The GM Network ecosystem involves the field of AI. Its structure includes GM Chain, GM ID, GM Launchpad, GM OS and GM AI. GM AI will provide services for generating personal AI agents. After the screen-sweeping publicity, GM Network announced the mint details. Starting from April 2, users with white tickets can mint NFT at a price of 0.127ETH.

Bitcoin L2Eternal AI Public Sale for AI

In addition to the node and NFT sales, token public sales of various AI projects have also been launched. Eternal AI is launched by the modular Bitcoin L2 BVMnetwork, which is designed for executing AI smart contracts and storing AI models. Developers can integrate neural networks and AI functions directly into Eternal AI's smart contracts.

The core of the Eternal AI architecture is still based on Bitcoin's data verification module, providing a secure, reliable and decentralized foundation for the entire stack. The storage layer is provided by Filecoin, a decentralized data storage facility.

Eternal AI launched its public sale on March 26, accepting BTC, ETH, USDT and USDC. The maximum amount per person is $4,000, and as of the time of writing, the sales amount has exceeded $9 million.

AI "MEME Leader" GPU New High

It is undeniable that looking for AI targets from an investment perspective currently requires reference to some MEME logic. After all, the price trend of many AI concept coins has little to do with the quality of the project.

BlockBeats once mentioned the GPU rental project Node AI in "AI concept coins have risen sharply. Have you joined these 10 Alpha projects?", through which users can lend idle hardware to others through Node AI and earn tokens $GPU based on usage.

During the AI boom from late February to early March, $GPU had a brilliant performance of more than 30 times increase in three weeks. Most of the projects that appeared at this stage are actually "AI MEME". The trend of tokens is that they have increased by dozens of times in two weeks and then slowly returned to zero. The strength demonstrated by the Node AI project itself is not outstanding among similar projects, so it began to fall after reaching a peak of $1.8 two weeks ago, with a two-week drop of nearly 60%.

However, under the promotion of many alpha KOLs, Node AI has always been popular in the overseas community. In addition, the community has also detected that whales have been buying $GPU during the decline. With the combination of KOL shouting and whale buying, $GPU ended its decline this week, with a trading volume of over $25 million and a weekly increase of over 100%, breaking through the previous high.

Mainstream AI concept project dynamics

AI application MyShell launched TTS subnet on Bittensor and received tens of millions of financing led by Dragonfly

On March 27, the decentralized AI creation tool MyShell announced the launch of the TTS subnet on Bittensor. Through Bittensor's incentive mechanism, the TTS subnet is expected to play a key role in applications such as virtual assistants and audiobooks. MyShell said it has accumulated 1 million registered users and 50,000 creators, and the cooperation with Bittensor will bring more contributions to the community.

On the same day, MyShell also announced that it had completed a $11 million financing in its latest Pre-A round of financing, led by Dragonfly and participated by Delphi Digital, Bankless Ventures, Maven11 Capital and others., SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol merge to launch $ASI

On March 27, three AI projects, SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol announced that they would create a decentralized artificial intelligence alliance, and their respective tokens $FET, $AGIX and $OCEAN would be merged into $ASI.'s token $FET will be converted to $ASI at a ratio of 1:1, SingularityNET's $AGIX and Ocean Protocol's $OCEAN will be converted to $ASI at a ratio of approximately 1:0.433.

Affected by this news, SingularityNET (AGIX) rose 12.56% in a short period of time on the same day, (FET) rose 14.7% in 24 hours; Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) rose as much as 35% in a short period of time.

The community has different views on the future development trend of $ASI. On the one hand, after the merger, the market value of $ASI will exceed 7 billion US dollars, becoming the project with the highest market value in the AI sector, and the future growth space is difficult to predict; on the other hand, the three projects have been deeply involved in the Web3xCrypto field for several years. Compared with other AI projects, they have accumulated a lot of resources and more mature operating experience. The narrative space of $ASI, which aims at "decentralized AGI", will be larger.

Bittensor Ecosystem LST Project is about to LBP

Some community members believe that Bittensor does not seem to keep up with the recent AI market, and $TAO has fallen by nearly 20% in the past two weeks. However, there are frequent dynamics of projects around the Bittensor ecosystem. In addition to MyShell becoming subnet 3, some projects that provide liquidity solutions for Bittensor are attracting community attention.

There are constantly projects hoping to become "Lido on Bittensor". After Tensorplex Labs ($stTAO), the Rivus DAO ($rsTAO) mainnet was launched on March 14, providing Bittensor ecosystem users with lending and wTAO staking services with APR19.58%. Yesterday, Rivus DAO announced that the staking amount has reached 1,000 rsTAO, and the upper limit will be increased to 2000 rsTAO.

Rivus DAO will issue its own governance token $RIVUS, and holders can manage the liquidity pledge agreement, determine the pledge rate, allocate node operators, etc. Rivus DAO will conduct LBP on the Fjord Foundry platform on April 2.

AI is a hot topic in the crypto field that cannot be ignored in 2024, and BlockBeats will continue to pay attention and update.

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