On the eve of the arrival of "Rune", 7 NFT projects worth paying attention to

24-04-17 13:49
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Although the market has been going down recently, everyone's expectations and enthusiasm for "Runes" remain unabated. As a degen player focusing on the NFT field, I have two deep feelings in the past week. First, Bitcoin NFT is the only place in the NFT market that has attracted attention from both China and abroad and is not "PvP". The only other chain that can be regarded as somewhat popular is Base, and Base's players are mainly in the English circle, and most of them are art projects, which is much more difficult to play than Bitcoin. Second, the "Rune" project has completely become the main line of the Bitcoin NFT market. Although the "little wizard" Bitcoin Wizards and the $WZRD Token on BRC-20 have risen nearly 5 times and 15 times respectively in the past week, the "wizard" meme has regained market attention and the strength of the "puppet monkey" Bitcoin Puppets has a strong correlation, and the main reason for the recent explosion of the "puppet monkey" is "Rune".

The editor did an inventory of "Rune" projects for everyone some time ago (Related reading: Will Runestone bring rune speculation? A list of 14 runes worth paying attention to). One month has passed, and "Rune" has not only become the absolute main line of the Bitcoin NFT market, but also the sought-after "Rune" projects have also undergone some changes. Now, "dry mining" (that is, NFT itself is just a "mining machine") projects are no longer attractive enough. Only projects with attention and community PFP projects, or projects with "Rune infrastructure" narratives (such as Launchpad, DEX, browsers, etc.) can stand out. After all, after the final landing of the Token, the competition is not the "mining tricks", but the real consensus or narrative competition.

The more well-known "Rune" projects have risen to relatively high positions, such as Runestone, Rune Pups, RSIC, etc. The editor here summarizes some recent Ordinals new project dynamics that are worth paying attention to.

Prometheans by CyberKongz

The OG project CyberKongz, which pioneered the NFT staking mining gameplay in ETH, has come to the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem. This project was once a T0-level old blue chip, with a floor price of nearly 200 ETH at its highest. Its Token $BANANA has a historical high price of $105, and a peak market value of nearly $90 million.

Prometheans is the official "Rune" project of CyberKongz. Although the ultimate goal is to achieve "Rune" Token, this is the "Rune" project that the editor has seen so far that is most attentive to the "picture artistry". CyberKongz carefully introduced the artistic design behind the project on the official Twitter account. It can be said that the "mining machine" is made with the standard of "collectibles"...

The project will be issued this week, Free Mint, with a total supply of 21,000, 85% of which will be allocated to the Ordinals ecological cooperation projects selected by CyberKongz, and 15% will be allocated to CyberKongz holders.

Starlight Runes by Rosentica

Rosentica is an anime NFT project created by artists @rmflawha12 and @TabinekoKIKI on ETH. Following the craze of "runes", Rosentica is also about to come to the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem to issue the "rune" project "Starlight Runes".

The project will Free Mint, with a total supply of 2,000, most of which will be allocated to Rosentica NFT holders, and the rest will be allocated to its selected Ordinals ecological cooperation community.

Everyday Satoshis

First of all, it should be said that this project is clear that there will be a Token $CLTR, but it is not certain whether this Token will be a "rune".

In fact, the editor paid attention to this project at the end of September last year. Now half a year has passed, the halving and the "rune" are coming, and this project has finally unveiled.

The artist @Degen_Alfie has proven himself on ETH. For example, the work "Degen Alphabet" in the picture below was sold on SuperRare for 69.420 ETH in October 2022.

Everyday Satoshis is a pixel art series created to commemorate the halving, with a total of 5,586. From the Bitcoin genesis block to the upcoming fourth halving, 15 years and 5,586 days. Each pixel block has a data showing the date of 5,586 days from the genesis block to the fourth halving and the highest daily price of Bitcoin against the US dollar.

@Degen_Alfie revealed that shortly after the launch of Everyday Satoshis, he and his team's blockchain art market will also launch version V1. The team currently has 12 members and he raised a small round of angel investment in January this year. So this is not only a good halving commemorative Bitcoin NFT art series, but also a bit of the flavor of the genesis series of the new blockchain art market.


Benefits issued by Opal Protocol to Runestone holders. If you hold Runestone, don’t forget to like and retweet this tweet, and leave the bc1p address holding Runestone.

To be honest, I don’t really understand what Opal Protocol is going to do... But one thing I understand is that what they are going to do will be driven by their Token $BLIF, and $BLIF will be a Token that combines ETH + BRC-20 + Runes. From a degen perspective, Opal has a big background. Animoca Brands and Darewise are the founders of this project. Darewise is a subsidiary of Animoca. They announced last year that they would migrate their game "Life Beyond" to the Bitcoin ecosystem. They also released a series called "Sparks", which is a ticket to enter a high-end social circle.


OCM (OnChainMonkey) issued their own Token $KARMA on the Tap Protocol at the beginning of this year, and now they are continuing to make things happen in "Rune", and the specific details are yet to be disclosed.

The Rune Hunt

@RuneX_Tech made a web game with Unreal Engine, and "pre-mine" their "Rune" Token by playing the game. I have to sigh that the competition for attention between infrastructure projects makes the work they produce different...

After the game was launched yesterday, the server was directly overwhelmed. When it will be launched again, we have to wait for the notification from the project party. You can pay attention to it.

In addition, in the competition among "rune" infrastructure projects to attract attention, I think RuneX and Runes Terminal, which has just released the Ape Odyssey series, are currently the best.

Pixel Pix

@gamestarter The P2E game that GGXYZ Studio, its own game studio, is going to be released on Bitcoin. There are not many details at present.


Recently, there are too many new Bitcoin NFT projects issued every day. Many of my friends play at least 3 a day. The winning rate of new projects is indeed higher now, but don't be too FOMO, and keep a cautious attitude of careful selection.

For the "Rune" project, the editor believes that we can expect to see more NFT projects from ETH and even other chains enter the Bitcoin ecosystem. After all, "Rune" is one of the hottest narratives in the entire Crypto circle. When selecting a "Rune" project, the core is to examine the influence and community quality of the project itself. It is already a bit difficult for a project to break through the siege just by relying on some fancy mining gameplay.

In the face of multiple projects concentrated in one time period in one day, you may need to reasonably cut more UTXOs, because the confirmation time of two Bitcoin blocks is really long and unstable, and the stuck chain affects your mood and may even miss the casting time of some projects. I recommend you to refer to this article: Runes protocol is about to be launched, what preparations do users need to make for participation?

Finally, I wish you all a fruitful rune season. I will try my best to update you with new projects worth paying attention to.

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