Runes Ecosystem: How to Use Tools to Cast Runes (with Tutorial)

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24-04-19 15:03
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Written by: Frost, Lucy, Rhythm Worker, BlockBeats

With only a hundred blocks left before Bitcoin halving, the Bitcoin ecosystem in April has undoubtedly become the focus of the market. Among them, the hottest topic is the concept of Runes. In the Runes protocol that has not yet been launched on the main network, nearly 20 infrastructure platforms that provide services such as casting and trading have emerged. Related reading: "Runes has not yet been launched, but the ecosystem has become a red ocean"

For old players in the Bitcoin ecosystem, the casting of the Runes protocol is not complicated, but for most new users, there is still a relatively large threshold.

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BlockBeats has previously sorted out six commonly used Bitcoin wallets for downloading, registering and using wallets, so I won’t go into details. Related reading: "Six Bitcoin Wallet Introductory Interactive Tutorials, Don’t Miss the Next Wealth Code". In the Runes ecosystem, the most compatible ones should still be Unisat, Xverse Wallet and OKX WEB3 Wallet, and you can choose the one that is convenient for you to use.

In addition to wallets, for the minting tools that users care about the most and are the most important, BlockBeats has selected several projects that have been launched on the test network, and produced detailed explanations and tutorials below, which will be of great reference significance for the minting process after the main network is launched.

Wallet and Minting Platform


Xverse is a commonly used wallet in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and naturally will not be absent from this "Rune craze". Xverse mint is now online, and users can mint runes on the website after the Runes mainnet is launched.

1. Open Xverse official website, select Chrome browser to download the plug-in and install it. In the Chrome browser extension, open the Xverse plug-in. New users select "Create a new wallet" on this interface. After clicking, a 12-digit mnemonic will pop up. Back up the mnemonic and set a password to complete the wallet creation.

It should be noted that the Xverse wallet mainnet has 2 addresses, the BTC address starting with "3" and the asset storage address starting with "bc1" (Ordinals, Runes, rare satoshis, etc., the testnet has 1 address, which starts with "2"). If you want to interact on the mainnet, transfer the prepared BTC to the BTC address starting with "3", not the asset address starting with "bc1".

2. In the Xverse testnet, we can see that after the wallet is successfully connected, we can click the "Mint" box to cast.

Xverse provides 3 different runes for minting test coins, namely "I•NEED•TEST•RUNES", "A•SQUARE•IS•NOT•A•LOGO" and "ZERO•DIVISIBILITY•RUNE". All three were deployed on March 30 and are only used for testing. The number of mints each time is 1000.

3. Select any runes and click "Mint". Click "Confirm" in the pop-up transaction information. After paying the fee, the minting is completed. Rune deployment will be open after block 840,000 is produced, and users can deploy rune tokens themselves.


As the earliest "pioneer" of BRC20, UniSat is considered to be the oldest wallet in the Bitcoin ecosystem. On April 14, UniSat stated on its social platform that the UniSat wallet will support Runes and will launch Runes engraving services and trading markets. The test network has been launched. Similarly, we can familiarize ourselves with the process after the main network is launched based on the operation of the test network.

1. Open Unisatofficial website, select the Chrome browser to download the plug-in and install it.

2. In the Chrome browser extension, open the Unisat plug-in. New users select "Create new wallet" on this interface. After entering the password to register, a 12-digit mnemonic will pop up. Back up the mnemonic, select the address followed by m/86/0/0/0/0, and click "Continue" to create it successfully.

3. Open unisat test network, and switch to the "Mint" option on the "Inscribe" page. Enter the name of the rune you want to cast in the "Rune / Rune Id" column, and manually enter or drag the slider in the "Repeat Mint" column to determine the number of runes to be cast. Click "Next" after confirming.

4. Enter the test network address to receive the rune in "To Single Address" and select different casting speeds according to needs. It is worth noting that Custom can customize the gas in the "Sats In Inscription" list. Finally, click "Submit Pay invoice" to submit the order.

5. Finally, select a payment method and sign to pay. If you pay with a wallet, make sure there is a balance in the wallet, otherwise the payment will fail. After the payment is successful, wait patiently for the block confirmation. You can check the progress in the mempool, and it will be displayed in the wallet after the casting is completed.


During the recent market preheating of the casting platform, BlockBeats can also see some new faces in the market, such as the Bot tool. This is the first time that a Bot has appeared in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and it often appears in the context of "as a backup plan when the casting platform webpage crashes."

Although the front-end of the forging platform crashes rarely, and the transaction form of the Bitcoin network is different from that of the EVM, the possibility of vulnerabilities in the code design has not been verified, so BlockBeats uses one of them as a tutorial teaching case.

1. Open BTCBot in Telegram and click "Start" to enter the robot chat window.

2. Currently, the BTCBot service can choose Chinese mode or English mode. You can select "Create Wallet" or "Create 5 Wallets" in the dialog box options, and the bot will send a new wallet address and private key. Or you can select "Import Wallet" and send the wallet private key to the bot to automatically complete the address recognition.

3. In the wallet that has completed the recognition with the bot, deposit at least 0.002BTC to create a new transaction. After completing all the settings, you can use BTCBot in the start transaction.

4. Select "Batch Mint Runes" of the bot and enter the name of the Runes you want to mint. Here, we take UNCOMMON•GOODS as an example. The bot will tell you the basic information of UNCOMMON•GOODS. If you are sure you want to mint, click "Add to the whitelist of automatic minting". When the minting starts, the bot will automatically mint. The number of engraved sheets can also be set by directly talking to the bot.

Other Tools

Rune pro

Rune pro is a new trading market tool in this round, designed to help users improve their trading experience.

How to create and sell Runes tokens: Click "Sell" in the first area of the page.

Enter the amount of tokens you want to sell and the price in sats per token. Review the order and sign the transaction (you need to create the same transfer amount as the listing). Once completed, the listing will be displayed in the following way.

How to create a bid order to bid for the tokens you want to buy: Select "buy".

Enter the amount and the price in sats per token. Review the order and confirm (note that you can only create one bid per token, this is due to the limitation of utxo), once completed, the listing will be displayed in the following way.

How to buy a token: Click "Buy" on the card and confirm the transaction in the wallet.

How to sell to a listing: First create an accurate transfer description for the listed offer. Once the transfer description is created, sell to the offer directly by clicking the "Sell" button.


The Allet tool provides real-time updates on the progress of the halving, including the number of blocks remaining and the estimated time, as well as the price and GAS of Bitcoin.

There are still many tools that have not been launched on Allet, but Allet has launched more features, including updates on some important KOLs and project team social media accounts related to the Runes ecosystem, to keep informed. In addition, you will receive detailed updates on the price and 24-hour trading volume of all text-related collectibles, such as RSIC and Runes.

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