"Recursive Rune" is coming?

24-04-23 12:52
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Early this morning, the co-founder of the Bitcoin NFT project Blob, and the current sixth-ranked contributor to the Ordinals protocol, @Elocremarc, posted a tweet:

"It's time, recursive rune!"

When I wrote this article, the floor price of Blob had risen by 30%, breaking through 0.04 Bitcoin.

So, we know "recursion", we also know "rune", but what is "recursive rune"?

Let the inscription "move" with the rune

Everyone should be familiar with the role of "recursion". "On-chain pointer" allows inscriptions to reference data on the Bitcoin chain, including data from other inscriptions. The following data are supported for reference, including the latest block height, the specified block height, data from other inscriptions, etc., which are also called "recursive endpoints".

@Elocremarc proposed the idea that we add a "recursive endpoint", namely "/r/output". As long as the recursive endpoint "/r/output" is added, developers will be able to learn the number of corresponding runes and whether there are other inscriptions from the transaction output, which will enable the inscription to change according to the number of runes.

According to my current understanding, this requires keeping the corresponding inscriptions and runes in one UTXO (otherwise, when the balance of the rune changes, it is impossible to obtain the balance change of the rune from the transaction output and change the inscription image accordingly). From this point of view, we can first look forward to the emergence of this kind of gameplay, for example, etching an inscription while also burning a small picture, depending on how many corresponding runes are hit, the small picture obtained will be different.

Deeper gameplay, such as the Bitcoin full-chain game mentioned by Pizza Ninjas CEO @TO (for example, an NFT is equal to a game account, runes are game coins, and the game coin balance can be read directly on the NFT, similar to this), may require further support from infrastructure.

Finally, I would like to mention that the addition of the recursive endpoint "/r/output" is a prerequisite for @Elocremarc's solution. At present, @Elocremarc has submitted a PR on the official Github of Ordinals. If it is successfully passed, we will have "recursive runes" to play.


"Rune" has been an absolute hot spot in the crypto market in the past week, but it has not shown a good money-making effect despite the extremely high attention. In addition to the "pre-mining runes" of the project party and the "fair casting" that BRC-20 has played before, "Rune" may need more gameplay to stimulate it. If "Recursive Rune" can be quickly implemented, it will undoubtedly give "Rune" a shot in the arm.

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