Zircuit Staking TVL Soars to $2 Billion in Just 2 Months

24-04-23 17:50
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Original source: Zircuit

Zircuit, a parallel Circuit and AI-enabled secure ZK rollup project, announced that its staking program has soared to $2 billion in TVL in just 2 months.

As Zircuit moves towards mainnet, its staking progress has been rapid, attracting more than $2 billion in TVL in just 2 months. Zircuit Staking allows users to earn Zircuit Points by depositing assets, which can then be migrated to the mainnet when the Zircuit mainnet launches. Users can deposit ETH, LSTs, LRTs, and USDe (Ethena USD) to earn Zircuit Points.

In March, Zircuit launched its "Build to Earn" program to incentivize builders, founders, and community members who contribute to the Zircuit ecosystem, which has attracted more than 1,000 submissions. As Zircuit's TVL and community size grow, approved projects are expected to spark user interest in Zircui and benefit from the development experience. In addition, developers and ecosystem contributors who participate in Zircuit's "Build to Earn" program can receive rewards for their contributions. Projects that join Zircuit through "Build to Earn" will join the list of top ecosystem partners, which currently includes Ethena, Ether.fi, KelpDAO, Renzo, Hashflow, Galxe, Elixir, Blocto, Eigenpie, and many other projects.

Zircuit is currently running on a testnet and plans to launch its mainnet in the summer of 2024.

To participate in "Build to Earn", please visit: https://build.zircuit.com/ ;

To participate in "Zircuit Staking", please visit: https://stake.zircuit.com/

About Zircuit

Zircuit is a ZK rollup with parallel circuits and AI-enabled security, built by a team of Web3 security veterans and PhDs in computer science, algorithms, and cryptography, and backed by Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and Maelstrom. To learn more, visit zircuit.com or follow us on Twitter/X !

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