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24-04-26 10:30
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Evil Ord

We are seeing more and more ETH NFT projects entering the Ordinals ecosystem for exploration. This week, the old NFT project "GANGSTER ALL ★ STAR" on ETH also announced that it would issue a new series of "Evil Ord" with a total of 3333 on Bitcoin. The artist of the project, @aroundtheduang, created an image called "Mr. Orange" for the overall story of the project as early as 2021 and released a related dynamic NFT work "40 EMOTIONS OF MR. ORANGE" on Foundation. Evil Ord is an Ordinals creation for "Mr. Orange".

Crypto Angles

Artist @Jose_Delbo, who released "The Bitcoin Angel" in February 2021 and has collaborated with Pak and @trevorjonesart, will release his Ordinals series "CryptoAngles" in July this year, with a total supply of 7,777. In June, @trevorjonesart will first launch the "The Archangel" series, 21 physical bronze statues of Bitcoin guardian angels, including 3D versions of NFTs on Ethereum. In addition, a video game called "Dante's Pixel Inferno" is also in the project plan.


The generative PFP, with a total supply of 256, will be issued on the Bitcoin network and is made by @maxcapacity, a long-time artist active on Foundation and Objkt. Głïtçh uses CryptoPunks as the original template and the BlockZone font to generate a new, unique image of his own. The project is full of tributes to the SHA-256 algorithm that ensures the security of Bitcoin, such as the BlockZone font has a total of 256 characters, and a Głïtçh consists of 128 pixels + 128 characters.

chatFUKR by Harvey Rayner

Artist Harvey Rayner, who launched "Fontana" and "Photon's Dream" on Art Blocks, came to Ordinas. "Troll" continues to evolve in the crazy chats of the Web3 community and is spread across various Discord servers. chatFUKR uses this as an image to embrace all degens through generative art.

Forbes Legacy Pass

Forbes' Web3 community pass, with a total of 1917 pieces and an unknown minting price, will provide exclusive benefits to holders. It is important to note that this NFT series is a "soul-bound" SBT, which means it cannot be traded on the secondary market.

Summon of Glory

A UGC MOBA Web3 game supported by Animoca Brands, Shima Capital, Big Brain Holdings and Mechanism Capital. Currently, no more news has been released except for the opening of a Discord that requires an invitation code, so stay tuned.

UneMeta x Kumamon

UneMeta, a well-known Japanese IP "Kumamon", authorizes the NFT project to be issued by UneMeta, aiming to bring Web2 IP into the Web3 world for exploration and create the "Kumamon Universe".

Endblock Hoppers

Endblock is a GambleFi project on the Polygon network and is about to launch its second NFT series "Endblock Hoppers". No more news has been released yet, so stay tuned.

Vacation by Roope Rainsto

We can see many mistakes made by AI in creating this image, such as the unsupported cable car, the weird face in the orange shirt in the lower right corner, and the twisted and severed legs. The beauty of this AI imperfection is intentional. Let's think about alignDRAW, think about various strange buildings in the last century and even the millennium (such as the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Japan), and various strange mobile phone designs in the early days of Nokia, Blackberry and touch-screen phones. Back to AI art's old school, the roughness of the development process of things is more fascinating than the exquisite results.


The upcoming PFP series by RoveWorld, the NFT entertainment ecosystem on Solana. This series will be one of the first NFT projects to use the SPL404 standard, which is similar to the familiar ERC404/DN404. Goganauts NFT will support conversion between small pictures and $NAUTS.

Tokyo Beast

The cyberpunk-themed GameFi project was launched by Dubai blockchain game publisher TOKYO BEAST FZCO. Naoki Motohashi, who originally produced Web2 social games from Japan, is responsible for game production. The project will have a token $TBZ, which will be issued before NFT. The total supply and minting price are currently unknown.

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