A quick overview of AI sector dynamics in the week (May 10-17)

24-05-17 14:14
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BlockBeats sorted out the project dynamics worth paying attention to in the AI sector this week.

Important Time Nodes

The native token EAI of Eternal AI, the AI infrastructure on the Bitcoin chain, will be launched on NAKA DEX and Uniswap at 16:00 on May 17. The current circulating supply is 101,083,380 EAI, with a market value of US$12,433,256.

Aethir, a decentralized cloud computing infrastructure project, announced the mainnet launch date and TGE is coming soon after the Aethir Cloud Drop event. Aethir Checker node license owners will receive 15% of the ATH utility token supply.

AI creation platform Myshell launched the practical NFT series MySoul NFT designed for creators this week. The total number of high-level NFTs is 3,333, with 2,600 guaranteed whitelists and 2,200 lucky whitelists. Currently, those who interact with the test network will have the opportunity to obtain whitelist qualifications. NFT will be minted at the end of this month.

Project Cooperation Information

AI distributed network PublicAI announced this week that it has reached a partnership with AI game chain Nimble Network, generative AI-driven interactive entertainment and Web3 entry platform Sparkle, Bitcoin AI Layer2 Eternal AI, AI infrastructure Glacier Network and DePin L3Moonchain. PublicAI completed a $2 million seed round of financing on January 29, with participation from IOBC Capital, Foresight Ventures, Solana Foundation, Everstate Capital and others.

BSC Ecosystem AI project Nimble Network has established a partnership with TARS Protocol, the artificial intelligence infrastructure on Solana, and the above-mentioned project PublicAI. Nimble Network aims to launch an "AI orderbook" that connects applications, developers, GPU resources, and data on the blockchain to achieve efficient, low-cost, and permissionless AI model training and reasoning.

AI infrastructure Phoenix Chain (PHB) token has risen 64.6% in the past two weeks. This week, Phoenix Chain reached a cooperation with RWA protocol Ink Finance. Phoenix is an L1 and L2 blockchain infrastructure that focuses on the next generation of artificial intelligence and privacy-enabled Web3 applications.

Progress Dynamic Update

Fetch AI (FET) launched BlockAgent this week. Real-time monitoring of user transactions can be performed through AI Agent technology. It enables users to set notifications and alerts for smart contracts, provide users with in-depth insights into contract execution and state changes, record token transaction data, and initiate events when data standards are triggered. BlockAgent has integrated the decentralized oracle network Chainlink, allowing users to retrieve historical price data through the Chainlink-integrated Fetch.ai agent. Users can select the name of a supported asset from Chainlink’s documentation, and DeltaV’s LLM interface will pick up a ticker symbol, making it possible to retrieve data from multiple chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, or Arbitrum.

Spectral Labs, the on-chain agent machine intelligence network, announced an updated 2024 roadmap.It plans to launch more AI agents and tools in Q2 and work with other Web3 companies to develop agents for specific use cases. Spectral Labs will release an updated version of its flagship product, SYNTAX v2, in Q3, where users can create and earn their own agents through a conversational interface.

Web2 AI Important News

Google’s “I/O 2024” Annual Developer Conference

Google held its annual developer conference “I/O 2024” this week and released a series of important updates. Including a new AI agent product Project Astra, it is said that it can achieve real-time reasoning across text, audio, and video multimodal, just like GPT4o released by OpenAI.

Also worth noting is the update of Gemini 1.5 Pro, which launched the Gemini 1.5 Pro model that supports 2 million contexts, and the lighter Gemini Flash model. These updates will significantly improve AI performance in translation, encoding, reasoning, etc. In terms of video, Google released the latest model "Veo" for generating high-definition video, as well as the highest-quality text-to-image model Imagen 3, which promises to provide realistic images and "fewer distracting visual artifacts than our previous models."

OpenAI launches new flagship AI model GPT-4o

GPT-4o is OpenAI's latest flagship artificial intelligence model, which has significantly improved performance compared to its predecessor. According to Mira Murati, the model will be available to all users, including OpenAI's free users. GPT-4o has the ability to process text, audio and image inputs and generate corresponding outputs in real time, including text, audio, images and even video. In voice mode, GPT-4o is able to achieve near real-time responses, and users can communicate with ChatGPT as naturally as they would with a real person, including interrupting the robot during its response and making new requests.

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