APhone and Aethir work together to accelerate the deployment of mobile DePIN nodes

24-05-19 11:00
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Original source: Aethir

APhone, the world’s first decentralized cloud smartphone, announced a partnership with Aethir, a distributed GPU cloud computing network, to increase the level of decentralization and security of Aethir’s infrastructure. In the future, APhone mobile devices are expected to significantly expand network coverage, empower users, and help more people use Aethir’s distributed cloud infrastructure.

Through this partnership, APhone users will be able to receive a portion of Aethir’s native token $ATH in the upcoming Aethir cloud sale. In return, APhone will airdrop 20,000 Access Passes to all Aethir node operators, allowing them to use DePin-enabled smartphones. By leveraging APhone's user network, Aethir will be able to further strengthen and expand decentralized web infrastructure, expand accessibility, and reduce the cost of next-generation mobile Internet services.

APhone is a next-generation cloud phone that allows users to run the most complex Web3 applications and traditional applications on any device with a compatible web browser.

William Paul Peckham, Chief Business Officer of APhone: "Decentralization is the future of mobile infrastructure, and Aethir is a perfect complement to our mission to promote Web3 to the world. A key tenet of decentralization is that the more nodes and more participants, the stronger the network. By providing the Aethir community with access to APhone, we can strengthen both ecosystems at the same time, attract new users to Web3, and make decentralized cloud infrastructure more powerful, secure, and robust than ever before."

Aethir solves the high cost and low scalability problems often encountered by traditional cloud services. Aethir has created a global decentralized node network, through which its decentralized cloud network can support businesses that require infinitely scalable and high-performance cloud infrastructure, such as computing-intensive applications such as games and AI. The advantages of decentralized cloud infrastructure include stronger standardization and security, censorship resistance, and support for native payments.

Daniel Wang, CEO of Aethir: "APhone is a revolutionary product. With it, your device is no longer an obstacle to accessing decentralized services, and any smartphone can make a positive contribution to strengthening the ecosystem. In the long run, APhone users are expected to be the first to deploy a mobile DePIN node ecosystem."

Earlier this year, Aethir launched a node sale, raising $60 million in 30 minutes. With sales of $120 million, Aethir is no longer dependent on institutional capital, reinforcing its independence and commitment to decentralized principles.

About APhone

APhone is the first decentralized cloud smartphone, designed to redefine the mobile experience. It features superior processing power, unparalleled storage, and a high-performance GPU that integrates seamlessly to provide you with constant, high-speed access to the digital world. Powered by Aethir’s cutting-edge decentralized cloud technology, APhone offers new levels of security, privacy, and user protection. APhone delivers a host of smartphone features in a single device, creating a comprehensive and advanced mobile experience.

About Aethir

Aethir is the only GPU-as-a-service provider in the market focused on enterprise-grade AI. Through its decentralized cloud computing infrastructure, the GPU provider is able to meet the needs of enterprise customers who need high-performance GPU chips to perform professional AI/machine learning tasks.

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