A quick look at the shortlisted projects for the 2024 ETH Beijing Hackathon

24-05-20 16:18
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Original author: Kiwibig.eth (@KiwiCryptoBig)

A quick overview of the final 24 Ethereum Beijing 2024 projects in one sentence:

1. Forest3 - A blockchain-based decentralized application where users can create or join a group to set personal goals and pay a self-discipline fund. After completing the goal, members submit proofs, which are verified by group voting, and successful members can share the fund.

2. Social Mint - Similar to Twitter and WeChat applets on the chain, it creates digital identities for users, combines AI avatars and various Web3 gameplays.

3. ZK-Discord - Based on zkemail, it provides Discord anonymous identity proof applications, protects user privacy while verifying the association between discord and on-chain addresses.

4. NomadBnB - An on-chain housing sharing platform for digital nomads. Through the conversion of NFT and FT, the leasing and liquidity management of housing resources are realized.

5. NFT_Search - A cross-modal NFT search engine that allows users to search for NFTs through text or pictures.

6. Password3 - A blockchain decentralized application where users can set encryption passwords, encrypt and permanently store data on the decentralized platform arweave.

7. Movie - A blockchain-based movie ticket sales and trading platform that realizes digital ticket transactions through SBT and NFT.

8. AlphaHub - A community-driven Web3 social platform that focuses on on-chain transactions and encourages users to share high-quality content through a points incentive system.

9. AlignX - An innovative data crowdfunding protocol that provides a democratized input series for AI through the Web3 platform to improve the social alignment of AI.

10. 2PM. Network - A public application network based on Ethereum that provides a privacy computing model and supports the pledge and re-pledge of assets.

11. DelphiX - A Web3-native event prediction market that uses multi-chain interoperability and re-pledge to enhance liquidity.

12. POLP (Proof of Location Protocol) - The first ZK-powered solution to ensure privacy and credibility of proof of location.

13. zkHumanDID - Use ZK technology to create on-chain DID digital identities for users, protect user privacy and resist fake activities.

14. o3o - A Web3 platform that combines offline social and on-chain information to solve the social problems of Web3 offline activities.

15. CC-Monitor - A cross-chain security monitoring tool that monitors and scores the security of cross-chain dapps in real time.

16. Centralized-PBS - Analyzes Ethereum on-chain data and focuses on potential problems under the proposer-builder architecture.

17. Nexus - NFT cross-chain protocol based on ERC6551, respects user sovereignty and allows NFT bridging using different bridge modules.

18. YAP Islands - Secondary packaging protocol for stablecoin usage scenarios, improving capital utilization and market flexibility.

19. Jiucai Protocol - On-chain instant lottery protocol, combining promotion rebates and automatic lottery mechanism to achieve fairness and transparency.

20. NFT - - - NFT learning platform, providing users with education and resources about NFT.

21. Double Happiness PopStar - Explore the composability between TCM and PixeLAW to improve playability and user engagement.

22. http://annihilate.fi - A decentralized exchange based on liquidity provider lending, issuing tokens for short selling to increase market operation flexibility.

23. Memehub - Memecoin launcher, allowing users to launch Memecoin projects with one click, combining smart contracts and AI technology to provide security.

24. lumoo - An exploratory open research project.

25. password3 - Using blockchain technology, users can set encryption passwords/questions and answers to generate keys, and then encrypt data and store it on the decentralized platform arweave.

Detailed list of all projects: https://github.com/WTFAcademy/ETHBeijing/blob/main/project_summary_2024.md


1. Beijing hasn't had similar technical activities for a long time, but Beijing is still the city with the most programmers, and its innovation ability is no less than Silicon Valley; many bigwigs in the circle will still appear in a low-key manner and bring new ideas to the industry;

2. The content submitted for each hackathon must be created on the spot, and the innovation requirements are very high. Last year, there were several star projects in Ethereum Beijing that have received fundraising. The quality of this year's projects is still very high, and there are several projects that are worth polishing and further development;

3. The most impressive project, Centralized-PBS - analyzes the centralization problems and data brought by PBS on the Ethereum chain, and the quality is very high;

4. Although Ethereum's current performance is not as expected, there are indeed many subtle and challenging innovations that are still happening in Ethereum; There are various solid tools such as Scroll, Oklink and Chainlink, and countless hackathons have brought more developers. Developers are the source of innovation. Because of these, Ethereum is still bullish in the long run.

5. This year should be my last term in the Peking University Blockchain Association. I have served as vice president for two consecutive terms, responsible for external relations and research; I have gone through a bull and bear market, and my classmates have come and gone: some classmates went to Internet giants, some went abroad for further studies, and some went to build business in state-owned enterprises; But in the end, I saw that the students in the association have grown up one by one and actively built in different funds and projects. I am really happy.

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