A quick overview of AI sector dynamics in the week (May 20-24)

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BlockBeats sorted out the project dynamics worth paying attention to in the AI sector this week.

Project Progress Update

Video streaming platform Livepeer announced that it will launch the Livepeer AI subnet, a decentralized video processing network with AI computing capabilities. The subnet will be built on Livepeer's decentralized video processing network architecture and also allow Livepeer Orchestrator node operators to earn ETH and LPT income by deploying GPU resources for AI processing tasks. LPT is a relatively good token in the AI sector recently, with the largest increase of 110% in the past month.

AI project Zero1 Labs announced a partnership with privacy computing network Oasis to expand ecosystem capabilities and reshape the Web3, privacy and AI landscape. Projects built in the fields of privacy and DeAI can now benefit from: on-chain confidentiality using Sapphire; off-chain computing using ROFL. This enables more collaborative AI development through a decentralized infrastructure that combines tools and resources.

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Network Mind Network announced the expansion of its partnership with Zama. Zama is an open source crypto company dedicated to building state-of-the-art FHE solutions for blockchain and AI. The collaboration integrates Zama's cutting-edge Concrete ML solution for confidential ML training and inference into Mind Network's FHE verification network, setting a new standard for decentralized AI verification.

Decentralized computing platform Netmind.AI has launched a mining mechanism and GPU dashboard. Users can earn rewards based on the actual usage of their machines in the NetMind ecosystem. To encourage long-term stability, up to 10% of the reward pool will be allocated to idle machines. NMT has seen the largest increase of 100% in the past week, but it has fallen 20% from its highs in the past two days.

NVIDIA related news

1.NVIDIA announced its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2025. The financial report shows that its sales and profits exceeded expectations, and a strong forecast was made for the second fiscal quarter. The company's revenue in Q1 of fiscal year 2025 was US$26 billion, a year-on-year increase of 262%; net profit was US$14.88 billion, a year-on-year increase of 628%; in the past year, as giants such as Google and OpenAI purchased billions of dollars of NVIDIA's GPUs, the company's sales soared, and data center sales increased by 427% year-on-year to US$19.4 billion.

2. At Microsoft Build, NVIDIA demonstrated integrated solutions with Microsoft Azure and Windows PCs, simplifying AI model deployment and optimizing roadmaps and application performance.

3.NVIDIA TX GPUs will bring top AI performance and experience to gamers, creators and developers.

4.NVIDIA has joined a $110 million AI partnership between Japan and the United States, including a program to fund research through a collaboration between the University of Washington and the University of Tsukuba. According to the announcement by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, NVIDIA will play a central role in developing the country's generative AI infrastructure as Japan seeks to harness the economic potential of the technology and further develop its workforce.

5.Watt a Win: NVIDIA sweeps the new ranking of the world's most energy-efficient supercomputers. Among them, BioHive, an NVIDIA-powered AI engine designed to accelerate the work of scientists in the healthcare field, has risen more than 100 places in the world's fastest supercomputer TOP500 list.

6.NVIDIA will attend an event for the financial industry on May 23—the Bank of America Securities Global Technology Conference.

US stocks &crypto secondary market trends

US stocks AI tokens each have independent trends, Nvida has the largest increase, Smci has the largest decrease

Nvida's price range this week is $1015.200 – $1063.200, up 9.32% in 5 days, and the circulating supply is 2.36 billion

Meta's price range this week is $461.540 – $474.358, down 0.43% in 5 days, and the circulating supply is 2.189 billion

Tsm's price range this week is $155.865 – $160.780, up 2.61% in 5 days, and the circulating supply is 4.836 billion

Asml's price range this week is $969.490 – $927.415, up 1.43% in 5 days, 397 million units in circulation

Arm's price range this week is $110.380 – $117.330, down 2.83% in 5 days, 109 million units in circulation

Smci's price range this week is $835.660 – $972.310, down 8.15% in 5 days, 50.162 million units in circulation

According to Coingecko data, Crypto AI tokens have independent trends, among which TAO has the largest increase and AKASH has the largest decrease

TAO's price range this week is $362.76 – $482.90, up 14.6% in 7 days, and the circulating supply is 6,819,679

RNDR's price range this week is $9.87 – $11.68, down 2.0% in 7 days, and the circulating supply is 388,643,223

FET's price range this week is $2.19 – $2.62, up 0.9% in 7 days, and the circulating supply is 2,521,012,371

AKASH's price range this week is $5.28 – $6.02, down 9.0% in 7 days, and the circulating supply is 234,090,486

AIOZ's price range this week is $0.7926 – $0.9357, 7 days up 1.9%, circulating supply 1,091,837,836

AI sector narrative heat

The overall Crypto AI heat gradually fell back to the level at the beginning of the month. The overview of the top 20 projects in 7 days is as follows: TAO accounts for the majority of the volume, followed by RNDR, ICP, NMT, and AKT.

This week’s top winners: TAO, AIOZ, BOTTO, ORAI, CUDOS, this week’s top losers: FET, NMT, OLAS, AIUS, PAAL

BlockBeats Note: Absolute (bps) This label represents the change in attention expressed in basis points. It quantifies the absolute change in the percentage of attention, providing insight into the actual increase or decrease in the attention a token has received.

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