160 times in 8 hours, Kardashian’s transgender stepfather issued a coin?

24-05-27 15:23
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Today, the meme community ushered in another attention carnival.

True or false Jenner, twists and turns

At 4 a.m. Beijing time today, an extremely attractive token jenner appeared on the meme token generation platform Pump.fun on Solana. Its development team came from Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender woman with 33 million Twitter followers, a member of the American Internet celebrity family, Kardashian's father. Caitlyn Jenner also posted a photo of shaking hands with former US President Trump on Twitter and wrote "make america great again!!! and we love crypto!", and then attached a link to purchase jenner tokens on pump.fun.

To the surprise of the community, Caitlyn Jenner not only used Pump.fun, but also mentioned Ansem, Paul and other crypto community meme OGs in the comment area to warm up the token.

The tweet quickly attracted great attention as soon as it was sent out. However, just a few hours ago, the account of the well-known trader GCR X @GCRClassic was stolen, and the hacker used his account to publish the news of "bullish and heavy ORDI". Faced with the meme named after Caitlyn Jenner, the community was excited but also had some doubts.

Jenner rose nearly 70 times in less than an hour after it went online. Just when the community was nervously speculating when the victim would release a rumor-refuting statement, the token developer sold 160 SOL tokens in the liquidity pool. This action caused jenner to fall by more than 60% in ten minutes. The comment area of Pump.fun was immediately filled with curses, and the community also turned to believe that Caitlyn Jenner's tweet was sent after being stolen.

But when the community thought Jenner was going to go back to zero, things took a turn. Caitlyn Jenner's Instagram account updated a dynamic with a screenshot of the original tweet and the text "7 million US dollars in one hour, the team is Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins (Jenner's agent)". Caitlyn Jenner's Twitter account also added this update in the comment section of the original tweet.

With the authentication of the Instagram account, community members bought a large number of jenner. From the K-line chart, we can see that jenner has stopped falling since 5 o'clock, and rose 610% in the next 30 minutes.

In these 30 minutes, Caitlyn Jenner released "evidence" on her Twitter account again. She sent a content with a video, "This is my agent Sophia Hutchins, please rest assured. I have not been hacked and continue to send tokens to the moon. I am enjoying my Sunday on the golf course. My team is managing this token release. The token is real, stick with it."

With the video blessing, the token jenner rose rapidly, up 70% in 5 minutes. But it soon aroused new doubts from the community. Some people said that the video was made with AI deep fake technology, and there were some fraud accusations about the developer. Jenner fell more than 60% in the next 10 minutes.

Immediately afterwards, agent Sophia directly held a Space through Caitlyn's account. KOL 0xSun recalled in the replay tweet that before the Space was held, many negative comments about the token were deleted and pushed the token market value from 4M to 20M. So far, less than 2 hours after the token was launched, Jenner has gained 35 times.

But surprisingly, because Sophia said in Space that a new token might be launched, and did not provide strong evidence of the authenticity of the video, the community began to sell tokens. Jenner fell nearly 70% again in half an hour, and this time it seemed to be really "returning to zero".

During the decline of Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner's Twitter account was unusually active. She first refuted the rumor of "being stolen" and congratulated the token market value for reaching 28.3 million US dollars in an hour and a half. She also said that she would not release other tokens and focus on pushing Jenner to a market value of 50 million US dollars.

At this time, Jenner had already caused heated discussions in the community, and some lucky traders were discovered. One trader used 3 SOL principal to earn more than 100,000 US dollars on Jenner. Caitlyn Jenner's Twitter account also began to intensively forward these discussions.

At 8:20 a.m., Caitlyn Jenner’s Twitter account posted a video of a real person in which Caitlyn Jenner was wearing a bathrobe, saying that Jenner was indeed a token issued by her team, denying the suspicion of deep fakes. This video was very convincing, and Jenner, which had been fluctuating at a low level, was able to soar.

Although the community still questioned the token developers’ action of selling all their chips in the early stage, that is to say, the developers of the Jenner token took the initiative to give up the high multiple increase brought by the Caitlyn Jenner team’s hard promotion. Since the launch of the token, Jenner’s highest increase has reached more than 160 times.

In one night, Jenner holders experienced several roller coaster states. Community KOL 0xSun said in the review, "Although I finally made a profit of 80SOL on this coin, I still feel it's a pity, because the first 2SOL I bought in the internal market can be sold for more than 1000SOL at the high point. This night just watching the show consumed a lot of brain cells."

As of writing, Jenner has fallen back from its high point, but still maintains a high position, and is currently quoted at $0.024.

Is the popularity of crypto a blessing?

At present, the authenticity of Caitlyn Jenner's coin issuance cannot be confirmed. After all, as an American Internet celebrity who has rarely been involved in the field of crypto in the past, Caitlyn Jenner's Twitter account seems to be too familiar with operating memes.

For this sudden meme drama story, there are different voices in the community besides watching the drama. Some people think that the top American Internet celebrities entering the crypto market and issuing tokens is a great benefit to the crypto community. Combined with the recent Ethereum ETF approval, Trump's repeated high-profile support for cryptocurrencies, and several memes that have become popular, this storm is another "good news" that will help expand the influence of the crypto community.

The day before the token was released, Caitlyn Jenner retweeted several tweets involving Trump and cryptocurrency. In the weeks during the election, Trump and cryptocurrency have become highly and deeply associated, and it is foreseeable that more American celebrities will "enter the crypto circle" in the future. Some people in the community are already imagining, "What would happen if Kardashian herself released a meme coin."

But it must be mentioned that another incident cannot be missed in these news. A few days ago, a pump.fun developer burned himself in order to attract attention. Community member Wazz said, "Only brainless people would think that Caitlyn Jenner's release of the Pumpfun scam to 16 million followers on Twitter would be conducive to the adoption of cryptocurrencies." Others took advantage of the previous ETF hot spots to complain, "I just want to see Caitlyn Jenner openly violate securities laws on Twitter."

The community is worried that if meme coins become the only label of the crypto community, then the original crypto culture such as "freedom, decentralization, and geek spirit" will face the risk of being eliminated. Of course, the dispute over the influence of meme coins has been a long-term topic. For the majority of crypto traders, the most important thing is to distinguish the information between buy and sell. As community members advised, "GCR has informed us today that hacking operations against high-profile Twitter accounts are occurring, and as more and more celebrities continue to launch meme coins - on weekends when platform engineers are away - I advise you to be very careful."

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