Will Blob reproduce the "Rune-Promethean nature"? | Rune + NFT Observation 0607

24-06-07 11:37
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Welcome to today's rhythmic BlockBeats "Rune + NFT Observation". Today, I want to discuss the topic:

Will Blob reproduce the "Rune-Prometheus"?

Blob's EPIC•EPIC•EPIC•EPIC rune is getting closer and closer to us. Since entering June, the official Twitter has "WEN" twice, and yesterday it changed the official Twitter avatar to the crown below.

So, when the EPIC•EPIC•EPIC•EPIC rune is finally airdropped, will Blob, like Rune and Prometheus, have most of its value transferred to the Rune Token, and will the small picture, as a former "airdrop voucher", drop sharply in price?

This is certainly a test for Blob. I am still optimistic about Blob's performance after the airdrop, because before Blob took the lead in bidding for the epic satoshi that was halved this year and even announced the launch of the EPIC•EPIC•EPIC•EPIC rune, Blob, as a project that airdropped at its own expense, had already proved itself to be the leader in Bitcoin's generative art from a price level, and the floor price had never fallen below 0.025 Bitcoin.

The successful bidding for the epic satoshi and the EPIC•EPIC•EPIC•EPIC rune are more about the Blob team uniting all the people and communities who love Ordinals, and bringing epic back to these people who love Ordinals. This is a gift on the first anniversary of Ordinals and the first halving of Ordinals.

The reason why Bitcoin NFT makes me very bullish is not only because it is the new "promised land", but also because the top projects here have shown a sufficiently solid preliminary form before the rune:

Quantum Cats, except for a brief drop below 0.2 Bitcoin shortly after listing, basically reached 0.25 Bitcoin and could not fall any further. In addition to being "Grand Wizard Futures", Quantum Cats also has CatVM and OP_CAT, and has given the community a very clear goal to jointly promote (revive OP_CAT), and its independence from the Grand Wizard is stronger than expected.

Pizza Ninjas has adjusted since it was discovered by value in early April and quickly rose above 0.1 Bitcoin, but it has not fallen below 0.085 Bitcoin since then. In addition to IP and community building, Pizza Pets is also an attempt at Bitcoin full-chain games. When it rose above 0.1 Bitcoin, no one knew that Ninja would take the 14th rune.

OMB, as the most Punk-flavored PFP on Bitcoin, basically cannot fall below 0.28 Bitcoin.

The "plunge" in the picture is because OMB has completed the issuance of the last "Orange Eye" part of the series

These top Ordinals projects are not following the old path of Ethereum NFT, but are actively embracing ecological cutting-edge technologies and trying to expand the narrative. What is the old path of Ethereum NFT? That is, everyone regards the issuance of coins as the final exit liquidity of small pictures, which is very bad.

So the smart Ethereum (and its side chains, Layer 2) projects now also have a trend of multi-chain expansion of the ecology, making their own narratives bigger, and trying not to limit their coins to one or a few specific NFT series.

How the market will understand it in the end, it will take time to reveal. The concern about the "Rune-Prometheusization" of Blob after the EPIC airdrop is understandable, but first of all, it is a bit too early to make a conclusion about Rune and Prometheus (Rune rebounded due to the new high of $DOG, and Prometheus's new move is also underway), and secondly, the value of Blob itself was agreed upon before the appearance of Rune.

33.3 Bitcoin's Epic Cong, what level does a team want to achieve to be worth this 33.3 Bitcoin? Embracing the possibility of Bitcoin ecology may be the most direct code for wealth.

After the discussion, let's continue to observe the project.

NFT New Project Observation


The TON ecosystem has received more and more attention due to the success of Notcoin, so I will try to dig out some NFT-related projects on TON. Kibble @KibbleExchange is a comprehensive DeFi platform on TON, which will issue a total of 888 Free Mint NFT series. It is not clear what the utility of this NFT will be. Maybe... it will be related to their subsequent Token $KIB?

It is worth noting that this NFT series will be issued on the Polygon network.


PROFILES @PROFILESbyMOTO is a PFP series, and also a digital fashion ecosystem. The project was created by @MONKEEMOTO, the first artist-in-residence of Adidas' Web3 Digital Artist-in-Residence Program. PROFILES will feature a variety of digital wearables that users can equip on their PFP, allowing for extensive customization and personalization. By staking PROFILES PFP, new "clothing packs" will be obtained every quarter. @MONKEEMOTO hopes to provide designers and fashion lovers with tools, resources, and platforms to bring them into the world of Web3. This reminds me of Jeff Staple's project, "Sapienz", when ERC-6551 became popular. Hmmm... So this time, can the artist make it to the other side?


Incubat3 @I3_Official is an AI-driven Launchpad that will issue a series of Free Mint NFTs with a total amount to be determined. NFT holders will receive a series of platform benefits.


Mutatoads @Mutatoads is a new project that has received much attention on Solana recently, with a total of 5555, Free Mint. This is mainly a PFP series that takes the IP route, and there will also be Token $SER.

What is more interesting is the @DrinkSerum behind the project. They launched the energy drink "Serum Energy Drink" in South Africa 2 years ago. The bottle has MAYC #1103 as the mascot. The overall brand story is also based on BAYC drinking serum and becoming MAYC to produce this energy drink. Then the background story of this PFP series is that a bored monkey accidentally spilled some energy drink into the water while fishing, which caused the tadpoles to mutate into Mutatoads, hahaha.


Maybe the anime projects on Bitcoin have made you a little tired of reading this, 0n1, Ink, Mikan, and the unreleased Lucid...

Well, despite this, I think Yama @yama_wrld is still worth paying attention to. Judging from its official Twitter, the project has been active for more than a year. And according to the founder @0xnosh, he has been committed to this project for the past 3 years.

In addition to anime works, Yama also plans to make mobile games and physical clothing. Well, but what’s more special is that this may be the first original Indian anime IP I have seen in Web3, based on the dystopian style of Indian mythology, which is... very cyber?

Rune Observation

$DOG seems to have encountered some obstacles before the $1 billion total market value mark. Maybe this is the case that good things take time?

Another thing I want to mention is COOK•THE•MEMPOOL. Currently, according to data from satosea.xyz, the number of addresses holding this rune has exceeded 11,000, and a total of more than 2 million have been minted. This is already the second most minted rune, and only the rune No. 0, UNCOMMON•GOODS, ranks ahead of it.

As we mentioned before, it is impossible to mint all of COOK•THE•MEMPOOL in 4 weeks, so it can also be regarded as a 4-week version of UNCOMMON•GOODS. It will be interesting to see what happens next - if the mint of this rune eventually exceeds the rune No. 0, then the slightly ironic show effect will be full.

We have seen that the on-chain fee rate cannot be reduced. When COOK•THE•MEMPOOL was mentioned in the observation on May 28, there was still a window period to get COOK•THE•MEMPOOL at a rate of about 15 sats/vb, and the cost was about 1.3u per piece. Now, the floor price of Magic Eden is about 3.3u per piece. This profit margin is brought by the increase in on-chain rates.

The more congested the chain is, the more aggressive MEMPOOL will be.

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