MATR1X "Apollo Project": $100,000 weapon skins and e-sports, Web3 games are moving towards "mass entertainment"

24-06-13 15:38
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If you are a fan of Web3 games, you must be familiar with the FPS Web3 mobile game MATR1X FIRE. If you haven't heard of it, it's okay, look at the picture below, this is MATR1X FIRE.

So what's the point of this picture? The exquisite sniper rifle weapon skin you see in the picture above was just sold for more than $120,000 not long ago.

CS2's unboxing mechanism is one of the most classic "cyber scratch cards". In Web3, we finally see a project that combines Web3's unique economic mechanism to make a similar attempt, which is MATR1X FIRE. At present, the first unboxing event of MATR1X FIRE ecosystem, "Apollo Project", is still in full swing.

As Web3 games develop to this day, we can see more and more game projects with reliable quality works on various chains, and various infrastructures designed to provide seamless connection between Web2 and Web3 for games are emerging in an endless stream. However, the influence of the term "GameFi" in Web3 has not completely declined.

Although the quality of Web3 games has been greatly improved compared to the "GameFi 1.0" era led by Wolf Game, due to the long development cycle required for excellent games, many Web3 game projects we see now tend to be mainly idle mobile games. On top of the easy-to-use and addictive game mechanisms and content, its economic model is still a relatively simple "dig, withdraw and sell", and the huge potential of the Web3 economic model in games has not yet been released.

When we turn our attention to the Web2 gaming industry, gaming is no longer something that people must personally "play" to participate in. Just like there are many football fans who don't play football but never miss a football game, there are now many game fans who don't play games but never miss an e-sports game. With sufficient gameplay and competitiveness, competitive games have thrived and developed into a "mass entertainment". So we can see that e-sports leaders like CSGO (now CS2), whose game bodies have long been free, have an annual transaction volume of game accessories that has reached tens of billions of dollars.

Such a huge transaction volume can only be supported by rising to the level of "mass entertainment". Quite a number of players may gradually fade out of CS games due to life and work, but their accessories may not necessarily be sold, and they can choose to continue to provide them with income in the form of leasing. What's more, there are also many players who leave accessories just for commemoration. Collecting is one of human hobbies.

Web2 games can develop a thriving e-sports related industry, and Web3 games can do the same. Only when there is a large enough audience for e-sports events and a strong influence among non-player groups, the IP development of the game will have a solid foundation. The various characteristics of Web3 make the live broadcast of e-sports events and the development of game IP more possible than Web2, such as Watch 2 Earn, and the use of NFT to expand the construction of IPs that combine virtuality and reality inside and outside the game.

Although we have seen that MATR1X FIRE's top accessories have sold for $120,000, it is far from enough to only learn from this mechanism to achieve the success of the CS2 accessories market. Therefore, MATR1X has also made great efforts in e-sports and IP, and seamlessly integrated all these successful puzzles into the Web3 ecosystem. With a deep understanding of the unique economic mechanisms of Web2 games and Web3, MATR1X is delivering new answers to the problem of Web3 game death spirals, while also exploring new possibilities for Web3 game breakthroughs.

What is the MATR1X "Apollo Project"?

The MATR1X Apollo Project is the general name for a series of activities including the first treasure chest opening event, $MAX airdrop event, and top skin collection in the MATR1X ecosystem. The most important one is naturally the treasure chest opening event. By opening the souvenir treasure chest, you have the opportunity to obtain the first batch of top souvenir game skin NFTs in the MATR1X ecosystem, and there will be 50 million $MAX for you to obtain.

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that the sniper rifle weapon skin, which was sold at a price of nearly $100,000, is as rare as the famous "Dragon Sniper" in CS2. It is the top and rarest weapon skin in the MATR1X ecosystem. Once you draw this skin, the $MAX amount you can get will also be full, because the $MAX amount obtained from unboxing is positively correlated with the rarity of the weapon skin. This is a combination of the unboxing mechanism of Web2 games and the distribution method of Web3 Tokens. It is very interesting.

Web3 game's first exploration of the "unboxing" mechanism

The "unboxing" mechanism plays an important role in the three games under the game ecosystem of Matr1x-MATR1X FIRE, MATR1X Battle and Castile.

From the above picture, we can see that the introduction of the "unboxing" mechanism provides another kind of gold-making income for MATR1X FIRE players. Players who hold game characters can obtain direct gold-making income, that is, $FIRE or $MAX, and they will also get "treasure chest" drops. Opening the "treasure chest" can obtain out-of-print and limited NFT game skins in the game (each season there will be treasure chest updates containing different NFT game skins, and the NFT game skins available in the old version of the "treasure chest" that will no longer drop will be out of print, and the number of treasure chests produced each season is also fixed).

In addition to NFT game skins, MAX points can also be obtained from the "treasure chest" to obtain additional $MAX airdrops.

Opening the "treasure box" requires the consumption of $FIRE plus a small amount of stable tokens (such as $USDT), which may be one of the best solutions for Web3 games to deal with the depreciation of tokens caused by the large-scale output of ecological tokens as the number of game players increases. In essence, this is to randomize the income from gold farming, because the NFT game skins obtained from the "treasure box" may be ordinary or extremely rare such as "knife" and "glove". Whether to try your luck and maximize your income by obtaining extremely rare NFT game assets is entirely in the hands of the players.

In addition to the ways that all players can obtain "treasure boxes" with extremely low thresholds by playing games, watching MATR1X e-sports events, and participating in e-sports event guessing, Matr1x has not forgotten its loyal supporters. Last year, MATR1X issued the MATR1X KUKU series of NFTs aimed at expanding the game ecosystem IP. By staking KUKU NFT, you can also get an exclusive "KUKU Treasure Box", and the more you hold and the longer you stake, the more you will get.

This is a limited edition "treasure box" with a total of about 500,000. In addition to being able to open top-level souvenir-level NFT game skins, there will also be about 50 million $MAX placed in the "KUKU Treasure Box".

To summarize the above points, we will find that MATR1X has deeply grasped the essence of this "unboxing" mechanism from Web2 games, and knows how to perfectly integrate it into the Web3 ecosystem:

- Low threshold. The value of game assets will release the greatest potential when the non-heavy player audience with "mass entertainment" participates. Therefore, we can see that watching MATR1X e-sports events and participating in e-sports event guessing can also get "treasure boxes". Unlike traditional games, MAX points can be opened in the "treasure box" to obtain $MAX airdrops, which can make non-heavy player groups choose to open the "treasure box" to obtain income, thereby making $FIRE healthier. Even if they do not open the "treasure box", they can choose to sell it to others in the market. Watching the game and guessing is income, which is a redefinition of "making gold".

- Random income (rarity). NFT game skins are both common and extremely rare, and each season's update will make the previous skins out of print. In addition, e-sports events will also have exclusive versions of "treasure boxes". If we think about the price surge of related game accessories caused by the continuous update of CS2's competition map pool, we can better appreciate the charm of this random income.

- Richness of content. In addition to the official continuous production of attractive and exquisite skins covering all types of game weapons, in the future MATR1X will also have its own "creative workshop" like CS2, and include player-made skins in the "treasure box". Is there more than one way for meme to be realized in Web3? Maybe one day, a game skin idea that a player came up with for fun will become real game content. UGC will not only make the MATR1X game ecosystem stronger, but also provide new possibilities for the Web3 creator economy.

Continue to focus on the e-sports track, deeply rooted in "mass entertainment" and explore new possibilities of "Web3+e-sports"

MATR1X FIRE has held more than 10 offline events and more than 50 online events. At present, MATR1X FIRE has held e-sports events in 10 countries and regions around the world, such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, China, Taipei, Japan, Singapore, Manila, Philippines, etc., and the total exposure of various e-sports events has exceeded 10 million.

The Asia Master event held at the main venue of the Hong Kong Festival in April was a great success. A total of 94 teams from 10 countries and regions in Asia participated in the preliminaries. The top teams that stood out in the fierce competition finally gathered in Hong Kong to compete for the final championship. During the competition, many exciting moments left a deep impression on people. For example, in the final round of the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regional qualifying competition, a member of the champion team jumped into the smoke and "backstabbed" the last surviving opponent to win.

The offline finals in Hong Kong were held on April 9 and broadcast live around the world, with more than 1.8 million viewers, creating a history in Web3 e-sports. In the end, Black and White E-sports from China won the championship. Interestingly, their championship rewards were also combined with Web3, including 10,000 $FIRE and YATC NFT worth 18 ETH.

MATR1X also cooperated with GEDA ESPORTS to carry out a full-course event guessing activity, with a prize pool of up to $300,000. Before MATR1X's e-sports Watch 2 Earn event, we had never seen such an exciting live broadcast content, while attracting nearly 2 million viewers and actually converting a considerable number of them into the Web3 ecosystem. "XX 2 Earn" event. The wonderful content of the competition, supplemented by the unique incentive model of Web3, complement each other and can maximize the value potential of e-sports live broadcast. In the future, MATR1X will also create a unique event commemorative treasure box for e-sports events, and integrate the unboxing mechanism into Watch 2 Earn. We may be able to see more, for example, MATR1X's KUKU IP will appear as a souvenir in future e-sports events? Even e-sports events will become one of the development channels for game IPs, combining the wonderful moments in the process of e-sports events to make the story and image of the IP itself more full?

A real "Mass Adoption" of a competitive game must be inseparable from the exploration of the e-sports field. The two key points of exploration in the e-sports field are events and professional clubs. MATR1X has demonstrated excellent operational capabilities in the former, and the latter already has many professional clubs that focus on the MATR1X e-sports ecosystem, including Black and White E-sports, Boarding Bridge, JGG (Japan Gaming Guid), FR, Samurai, OtakuLabs, CRYPTO Meteor Street, QIEG, etc.

Matr1x has taken a solid step forward on the difficult "road to breaking the circle", and it is taking a brand new road that no Web3 game has ever taken.


At present, the first unboxing event of the MATR1X ecosystem, the "Apollo Project", has been officially launched. There are two types of treasure chests in the event, namely the "KUKU Souvenir Treasure Chest" and the "Pioneer Souvenir Treasure Chest". For each opening of a Pioneer Souvenir Treasure Chest, 1 $FIRE will be consumed, and 1 $MAX and Pioneer series weapon NFT will be obtained. The Pioneer Treasure Chest has a 10% probability of opening a souvenir-level weapon. The souvenir weapon comes with 4 stamps, and different stamp combinations will reward different amounts of $MAX. So far, 5,969,781 $FIRE have been consumed in this event, and the price of $FIRE has also exceeded US$1.7, just one step away from the historical high.

With more than 1.1 million game downloads and more than 1.2 million registered players, MATR1X FIRE has been growing vigorously. It is not only the undisputed game leader on the Polygon network, but also the Web3 game with the best on-chain data on all networks. More than 2.5 million independent active wallet addresses and more than 26 million game transactions in 30 days, ranking first in the on-chain data ranking of all Web3 games.

They have always been the most cutting-edge and brave explorers of Web3 games. The introduction of the "unboxing" mechanism not only provides a new answer for the economic mechanism of Web3 to get out of the death spiral, but also the first step for Web3 games to explore the broader world of "mass entertainment". There are still many surprises in the future of MATR1X, waiting for you and me to explore together.

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