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24-06-18 18:39
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Yesterday, the U.S. Bitcoin spot ETF had a net outflow of $145.9 million

BlockBeats news, on June 18, according to Farside data, yesterday's U.S. Bitcoin spot ETF had a net outflow of $145.9 million. Among them, FBTC had a net outflow of $92 million, and IBIT had a net inflow of 0.

Data: In the past 24 hours, XRP was the only cryptocurrency with an increase in market value among the top 100 cryptocurrencies

BlockBeats news, on June 18, according to CoinGecko market information, among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, only XRP saw an increase in price in the 24 hours, with an increase of 0.3%. The rest of the currencies were all in a decline (stable coins were not included in the statistics).

Yesterday, Base DEX daily active addresses reached 267,000, a record high

BlockBeats news, on June 18, according to Dune data, yesterday (17th) Base DEX daily active addresses reached 267,000, a record high. However, it is worth noting that yesterday's Base DEX trading volume continued to be sluggish, only 394 million US dollars, far from the historical high of 1.22 billion US dollars on March 30.

Trump's well-known supporter: DJT is the only real Trump token

BlockBeats news, on June 18, Trump's well-known supporter Bo Loudon said on his social platform that DJT is the only real Trump token ("DJT IS THE ONLY REAL TRUMP TOKEN").

According to public information, Bo Loudon is only 17 years old this year and has gained tens of thousands of fans on X, Instagram and Truth Social platforms as a Trump supporter.

Previously today, the well-known American media Pirate Wires said on the X platform that "according to rumors, Trump is launching an official token on Solana - DJT". After that, FOX Business reported that it was impossible to confirm whether the meme coin DJT on the Solana chain was directly or indirectly related to Trump, but industry sources said that people associated with Trump have been planning to launch a digital currency for at least two months.

Market information shows that DJT is currently quoted at $0.03607, with a current market value of $364 million.

BlockBeats reminds users that meme coins are risky, and there is still a lot of controversy about the authenticity of DJT, so users should be cautious when investing.

Dogecoin longs suffered $60 million in liquidation, the biggest loss since 2021

BlockBeats news, on June 18, according to CoinDesk, Dogecoin (DOGE) has experienced the largest wave of liquidations since 2021 in recent market fluctuations, resulting in a liquidation amount of up to $60 million for long positions. Coinanlyze data shows that in the past 24 hours, almost all DOGE liquidation activities came from long positions, and only short positions worth about $600,000 were liquidated.

Beercoin team-related wallets sell $1 million worth of BEER

BlockBeats news, on June 18, according to Lookonchain monitoring, a wallet related to the beercoin team is selling BEER, and the price of BEER has fallen by more than 60% today.

The wallet received 8.88 billion BEER from the beercoin team wallet "8VY4LF...fDd5G2" and sold 8.7 billion BEER for $1 million in the past 2 days.

A total of 35.65 million CRV were transferred from Binance within 24 hours, worth 11.39 million US dollars

BlockBeats news, on June 18, according to The Data Nerd monitoring, within 24 hours, Binance had 3 large CRV withdrawals, including:

Address 0x5dC withdrew 20.86 million CRV (about 6.8 million US dollars);

Address 0x42C withdrew 6.79 million CRV (about 1.91 million US dollars);

Address 0x790 withdrew 8 million CRV (about 2.68 million US dollars).

Degen: A new incentive mechanism is being developed to encourage long-term holders

BlockBeats news, on June 18, Degen officially issued a statement saying that a new incentive mechanism is being developed to encourage long-term holders. "Future systems will require users to demonstrate their commitment to the Degen project by locking or staking, aiming to reward long-term holders of DEGEN tokens, and the corresponding incentive mechanism is currently under development."

Data: 41% of the first 10,000 ZK airdrop addresses have sold all

BlockBeats news, on June 18, according to Nansen data information, among the "first 10,000 addresses" that received the ZK airdrop, nearly 41% of the addresses sold all the airdrops, and 29.2% of the addresses sold at least part of the tokens. The total sales of the two groups exceeded 486 million ZK. (Cointelegraph)

LayerZero Foundation updates social media profile, may launch airdrop check page today

BlockBeats news, on June 18, according to the LayerZero Foundation X platform homepage, its profile was updated to "Checker on 06.18.24.", which may indicate the launch of the airdrop check page today.

BlockBeats previously reported that on June 15, the LayerZero Foundation released its first tweet and announced in the accompanying picture, "06.20.2024".

io.net: IO Workers' daily block rewards will be issued starting June 25

BlockBeats news, on June 18, the decentralized artificial intelligence computing and cloud platform io.net said on the X platform that block rewards will be launched soon, and on June 25, IO Workers' daily rewards will begin to be issued. Every day, the verified uptime rewards will be automatically credited to the "Income and Rewards" tab in IO Worker.

The Mask Network Foundation transferred 1.5 million MASK to CEX in the past three days

BlockBeats news, on June 18, according to the monitoring of on-chain analyst Yu Jin, the Mask Network Foundation transferred a total of 1.8 million MASK in the past five days, and recharged 1.5 million of them (worth US$3.97 million) to Binance in the past three days, which may have contributed to the decline in the price of MASK.

10x Research: The selling pressure brought by the large unlocking of altcoins is dragging down Bitcoin

BlockBeats news, on June 18, 10x Research stated in its market analysis report that last week was a critical moment in the cryptocurrency market and one of the most critical weeks in 2024. Cryptocurrencies, especially altcoins, have fallen sharply. It is difficult for the market to digest the large amount of token unlocking of Aptos $97 million, IMX $51 million, STRK $75 million, SEI $62 million, ARB $90 million, APE $18 million and UNI $90 million (a total of $483 million). Early investors and venture investors seem to be under pressure to cash out, and these token flows are dragging down Bitcoin.

Bitcoin miners have begun selling their Bitcoin inventory, and ETH balances on exchanges have increased significantly by $2.5 billion, which has previously been associated with potential selling pressure. Despite improved inflation data, Bitcoin ETFs have seen large outflows ($660 million average outflow over 5 days) as overall net outflows across all sectors (stablecoins, futures leverage, ETFs, etc.) were $2.4 billion, the third week of declining net flows since the launch of ETFs in January 2024.

In addition, as SOL-USDT falls below key trend levels and support lines, SOL may face more downward pressure, and some analysts point out that it may fall to $100.

Ixia Capital launches $20 million game venture capital fund to cultivate high-growth projects in Web3 and encryption

BlockBeats news, on June 18, Ixia Capital launched a $20 million global game venture capital fund to cultivate high-growth projects in the fields of games, e-sports, Web3 and encryption. The fund plans to support 25 start-ups within five years and will provide strategic guidance and operational support in addition to funds.

It is reported that Ixia Studio is currently launching six projects, including a sports NFT trading platform, a game loyalty rewards platform, a sports investment thought leadership platform, and sports reporting and game participation applications.

HashKey platform coin HSK plans to be listed in Q3 2024, and community airdrops will be launched soon

BlockBeats news, on June 18, according to official news, digital asset financial services group HashKey Group announced that HashKey platform coin HSK plans to be listed in Q3 2024. Adhering to "HSK for ALL", HSK will be used in all core application scenarios of the HashKey ecosystem, and will continue to expand external community co-construction to form a comprehensive Web3 value map. Before the listing transaction, HSK will launch a community airdrop to reward ecosystem participants.

Token economic model: HSK is a token based on the ERC-20 standard with a total supply of 1 billion, of which 65% is used for ecosystem construction, 30% is allocated to the team, and 5% will be used as a reserve fund.

Destruction mechanism: HSK has a destruction mechanism to prevent the rights of holders from being diluted due to the increase in the circulation of rewarded HSK. HashKey will extract up to 20% of the profits of specific businesses to repurchase HSK, and will destroy the repurchased part.

As HashKey's platform currency, HSK will be used in a wide range of scenarios such as community rewards within the ecosystem, priority purchase of exclusive tokens, cross-platform ecological cooperation, and handling fee deductions and business growth activities of Hong Kong licensed virtual asset exchange HashKey Exchange and global flagship virtual asset exchange HashKey Global. In addition, HSK will also be used to incentivize ecological contributors to the L2 "ecological chain" HashKey Chain. HSK is expected to launch community airdrops through HashKey's core business in late June.

OKX will launch ZKsync (ZK) spot trading

BlockBeats news, on June 18, according to official news, OKX will soon launch ZKsync (ZK), and the opening time of ZK/USDT currency trading will be 4:00 pm on June 18 (UTC+8).

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