DeepLink Hosts Blockchain IN Cheongdam Event in Seoul, South Korea

24-06-18 19:17
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Article source: DeepLink

On the 14th of this month, "Blockchain IN Cheongdam" held at Club D Cheongdam B1 in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, Seoul, ended successfully. "Blockchain IN Cheongdam" is a meeting aimed at discussing a series of blockchain-related topics such as how to strengthen developer capabilities, the direction of improving blockchain industry policies and systems in South Korea and abroad, and communicating with developers, VCs, trading platforms, and blockchain foundations in the face of the growing blockchain technology and future. It was jointly organized by Korea Electronic News, DeepLink and DeepBrain Chain.

During the meeting, DeepLink COO Joanna introduced DeepLink Protocol, and DeepLink and DeepBrain Chain CEO Feng launched the DBC AI public chain for the first time in South Korea. The meeting on that day attracted more than 200 core people from various fields.

The participating projects of this conference also include: Am Management, Mystic Meta, Ethereum Games, CompanyS, Burrito Wallet, SugarLabs, CoinReaders, Super Normal, ChainUp and other blockchain industry project teams, VC, developers, trading platform representatives and media and other blockchain-related industry teams.

The relevant person in charge of DeepLink and DeepBrain Chain said: "Thanks to the strong support of the participating projects and sponsors, the conference was successfully concluded. We are also actively considering the plan to hold the second conference in October this year."

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