Is Kanpai Pandas, which received the LayerZero airdrop, an insider trade?

24-06-19 17:22
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First of all, my point is very clear, Kanpai Pandas is obviously not a "rat warehouse".

Since entering 2023, the floor price of Kanpai Pandas has never been lower than 0.7 ETH. After LayerZero announced the snapshot in early May, Kanpai Pandas was also smashed, but the trend is still relatively stable, and the increase in trading volume has not shown a "guillotine" trend.

This project was issued in April 2022. Although it does not occupy the title of "the first Omni NFT" like Gh0stly Ghosts, basically NFT players will put Kanpai Pandas together with Pudgy Penguins, Gh0stly Ghosts and tiny dinos when talking about which NFT projects will receive LayerZero airdrops.

LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino also personally responded to a tweet to clarify:

According to the responses of Kanpai Pandas holders to various tweets, the amount received by 1 Kanpai Pandas is about 100, which is consistent.

If Pudgy Penguins, a non-Omni Native NFT giant, is removed, Kanpai Pandas is the well-deserved Omni NFT top brand. In the more than two years since its launch, this project has focused on community building and will organize everyone to participate in many real-life activities related to sports and music.

It is not surprising that I heard about this project when LayerZero airdropped. Omni NFT itself is a niche track, probably similar to Cosmos' Bad Kids.

But in fact, is everyone's dissatisfaction with LayerZero due to Kanpai Pandas? Obviously Kanpai Pandas has only become an emotional outlet. The real reason is that these airdrop project parties are breaking the balance between VCs, project parties and "money-making" users.

The "money-pulling" users, or studios, are the weakest party in this deformed game caused by VCs irresponsibly pushing up valuations and spending money crazily. Project parties need users' interaction data to get money from VCs, and VCs need project parties to issue tokens to cash out. Each project party is clearly holding tokens as carrots in front of "money-pulling" users, using the air that will become tokens in the future to make users work for their data growth for free.

The "check witch" thing itself belongs to "want both". Users are users first, and then users with "money-pulling" nature. Games will restrict or even ban gold-making studios because these studios may destroy the balance of the economic system in the game, and finally lead to player loss and reduced revenue. Do projects in the Crypto circle also think so, that "money-pulling" users will make your real users lose? If so, can it be said that the so-called real users of these projects are also here to "money-pulling", but the technical ability of "money-pulling" is not as strong as that of the studios?

Ever since the concept of "surrendering" came up in "Cha Witch", I felt it was outrageous, really outrageous. "Slipping hair" has become a crime? And you have to "surrender"?

Why are people getting more and more dissatisfied with VCs and these projects? It is obviously the VCs' own greed or investment misjudgment that has led to these projects having super-high valuations. The projects cannot form a reliable and stable business model, so they have to rely on issuing tokens to let retail investors pay for their indigestible excrement. Retail investors have worked hard to end up being abandoned in the end. When will this deformed model end?

Maybe one day we will see the end of this old airdrop industry chain. Although the possibility of Base issuing tokens is very small, the reason why I insist on playing in the Base ecosystem is that I think they are starting to take a new operational approach. From the famous $BOLD at the beginning to Warpcast's $DEGEN and so on, allowing users to really use things in an ecosystem and then suddenly launch a shot through various projects, this model may bring some changes to the abnormal three-party game.

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