Rhythm Evening News|List of important information on June 19

24-06-19 18:53
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US Bitcoin spot ETFs had a net outflow of $152.4 million yesterday

BlockBeats news, on June 19, according to Farside Investors data, US Bitcoin spot ETFs had a net outflow of $152.4 million yesterday.

Among them, Fidelity FBTC had a net outflow of $83.1 million, Bitwise's BITB had a net outflow of $7 million, and Grayscale GBTC had a net outflow of $62.3 million. The inflows and outflows of the remaining ETFs were all zero.

DWF establishes partnership with Trump MEME coin MAGA

BlockBeats news, on June 19, Trump MEME project MAGA said that it has established a partnership with DWF Labs. At the same time, DWF Labs responded and confirmed.

LayerZero CEO: A total of 1.28 million qualified addresses, early interactive tx enjoys triple weight

BlockBeats news, on June 19, LayerZero Labs CEO Bryan Pellegrino said on X that there are a total of 1.28 million qualified addresses, early interactive tx enjoys triple weight, and low-value tx reduces 80% weight. The airdrop qualification query website will add witch hunter addresses next week, recovering about 10 million tokens and returning them to real users.

Kanpai Pandas big holder: Not an insider, the airdrop share given by LayerZero is disappointing

BlockBeats news, on June 19, X user Axel Bitblaze, who received 10,000 LayerZero (ZRO) airdrops by holding 36 Kanpai Pandas, posted that he was not an insider. As the first NFT series that integrated the LayerZero Omnichain protocol, Kanpai Pandas holders should receive more ZRO airdrop shares.

Axel also mentioned that the airdrop share given by LayerZero to on-chain users was disappointing: "The top 1% of wallets only received 200-500 tokens, which is crazy... My family and I have also tried to interact to get an airdrop share. Although we are ranked in the top 1%, these interactions have only resulted in a small airdrop."

ezETH staked in Renzo is now open for redemption

BlockBeats news, on June 19, according to the official page, the ezETH of the liquidity re-staking agreement Renzo has been opened for redemption, and the estimated waiting time for withdrawals is 3 days. Currently, ezETH is at a premium, 1ezETH=1.01219ETH.

BlockBeats previously reported that on June 8, Lucas Kozinski, co-founder of the liquidity re-pledge protocol Renzo, said that users are expected to be able to request withdrawals after the EigenLayer custody period ends on June 17/18.

Solana perpetual contract protocol Drift announced the launch of the DRIFT staking function

BlockBeats news, on June 19, Solana perpetual contract protocol Drift announced the launch of the DRIFT staking function, without depositing Realms to participate in governance. Pledgers can obtain the following rights:

Double voting rights;
Fee from the DRIFT/USDC market;
Any future gains realized through governance.

SynFutures announced the deployment of the Base mainnet, launched Meme Perp Summer and set up cash and airdrop rewards

BlockBeats news, on June 19, according to official news, along with the impressive data on Blast (US$90 billion in trading volume and US$63 million in TVL in 3 months after launch), the decentralized derivatives protocol SynFutures announced that it will continue to expand its market share by expanding to Base. Combining the Base Meme ecosystem and its own permissionless listing system, SynFutures launched Meme Perp Summer. Qualified selected projects can receive three support rewards: 1. Up to 10,000 USDC cash to purchase meme coins and launch perpetual trading pairs; 2. Project owners and coin holders can obtain future airdrop quotas when trading on SynFutures; 3. Obtain SynFutures market promotion assistance and community promotion.

According to Defillma data, since the launch of the mainnet in March, SynFutures has achieved a TVL of more than 63 million US dollars and a trading volume of more than 91 billion US dollars, ranking first in the derivatives track in terms of trading volume in the past 24 hours.

SynFutures previously announced that it had received $38 million in financing from top industry institutions such as Pantera, Polychain, Dragonfly, and Standard Crypto, and the agreement has been audited by Quantstamp. Its Oyster AMM supports centralized liquidity similar to UniSwap V3, as well as limit order market making, and allows anyone to use any token as margin at any time, and can complete the entire listing process within 30 seconds.

TRUMP Token Marketing Director: The road to listing is difficult, and it has been repeatedly rejected due to "potential political risks"

BlockBeats news, on June 19, according to CoinDesk, Steven Steele, marketing director of TRUMP tokens, said that when the team applied to the US crypto trading platform Kraken to list the token in mid-May, they never received a response. But Kraken recently launched a joke alternative TREMP and launched the Biden-themed token BODEN corresponding to TREMP. Steele said: "Those trading platforms that refused to list TRUMP for "political reasons" showed an embarrassing level of cowardice and turned a deaf ear to the current Meme coin landscape and their own customers."

Other trading platforms told the TRUMP token team that its token was "too political" and not suitable for listing because it could bring potential political risks to centralized trading platforms.

Pantera Capital is raising a new $1 billion fund, and more than $200 million will be used in the field of AI

BlockBeats reported that on June 19, crypto venture capital firm Pantera Capital is raising a new $1 billion fund. More than $200 million of it is specifically for artificial intelligence.

One of its earlier funds has injected about 15% to 20% of its capital into AI-related blockchain projects, and the new fund is expected to invest more.

Binance Labs announces investment in Rango

BlockBeats news, on June 19, Binance Labs announced an investment in cross-chain DEX and bridge aggregator Rango to enhance cross-chain exchanges and bridges and achieve billion-user expansion.

Rango's interoperability makes transactions across different blockchain ecosystems easy, thereby driving the growth of DeFi. With its wide range of features and support for major blockchains such as BTC, Solana, Tron, Cosmos Ecosystem, Starknet, etc., Rango is expected to become a leading cross-chain DEX and bridge aggregator, as well as a solution for multi-chain wallets seeking reliable cross-chain functions.

OKX will launch ZRO on June 20

BlockBeats news, on June 19, OKX will list ZRO.

ZRO deposit opening time: 4:00 pm on June 19 (UTC+8) ZRO/USDT

Coin-to-coin trading opening time: 8:00 pm on June 20 (UTC+8)

ZRO withdrawal opening time: 6:00 pm on June 21 (UTC+8)

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