ADATA's e-sports brand XPG launches a new comic work "WUNN Wen" and invites Kyoto International Anime Award winner "Erhao" to write

24-06-20 20:00
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Original source: XPG

XPG, the gaming brand of ADATA Technology, a global leader in memory modules and flash memory, recently invited Taiwanese cartoonist "Erhao", winner of the Kyoto International Anime Awards Excellence Award, to write a new Japanese adventure comic "WUNN Wen". Today, the company announced the launch of the first episode, and the Chinese version is now available on the online comic platform "WEBTOON".

XPG launched the original comic "Xtreme Saga: The Trial of Mera" last year. The exciting adventure story of brand ambassador Mera has also received numerous praises and continues to be serialized on major comic platforms. This work "WUNN Pattern" is an expansion of the original universe. Mera in the parallel universe is involved in a power struggle among a group of people with powerful abilities, the "Pattern Clan", and embarks on a more tense and exciting adventure.

Get involved in the Web3 ecosystem, become an early community fan to obtain special rights and interests, and increase the cohesion of the IP project community

The new IP "WUNN Wen" is also a further attempt by ADATA in the field of Web3. Through the release of the "WUNN NFT" digital avatar collection in March this year, fans and IP are connected to break the existing production and consumption relationship. Each NFT holder is a resident of the "WUNN Wen" universe. With the development of the "WUNN Wen" IP, there are more opportunities to obtain special rights and empowerment.

XPG Brand Marketing Director Zhu Kefen said: "Since the launch of XPG's first comic, the XPG brand has continued to invest in the ACG community, and has collaborated with more outstanding Taiwanese cartoonists through the assistance of the Taiwan Cultural Planning Agency. This new work "WUNN Wen" is very honored to invite "Erhao" teacher to jointly conceive the entire comic story setting, and through "Erhao" teacher's painting skills to convey the detailed character emotions and exciting fighting scenes, it is definitely exciting to look forward to."

Zhu Kefen further stated that the XPG brand story "Xtreme Saga" has launched novels, animations, color strips, and this Japanese comics series. In the future, she hopes that XPG will not only be an e-sports brand, but will also build an IP ecosystem to make the relationship between brands, product users, creators, and readers closer and generate more resonance.


XPG (XTREME PERFORMANCE GEAR) was founded by ADATA to provide high-performance products for gamers, e-sports professionals, and technology enthusiasts. We are committed to developing products that provide extreme performance, so we work closely with the gaming and e-sports communities to gain a deep understanding of the real needs of users. We offer a full range of products from systems, components, peripherals to devices, and create them with the highest standards of stability, reliability, and performance. We also develop products with purely cool designs, which have won us several prestigious international awards, such as iF Design and Good Design. In addition to products, we actively sponsor and support global esports events and teams to achieve the ultimate gaming experience at the highest level.

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