Which VC-invested projects are more likely to launch airdrops?

24-06-21 13:16
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Original author: defizard
Original translation: TechFlow

What do L0, zkSync and Starknet have in common?

The same funds invested in them. If these venture capitalists invested in the project - then this project is guaranteed to have an airdrop.

a16z( @a16zcrypto )

· Number of investments: 169

· Projects with airdrops: 15

Farcaster, EigenLayer, Worldcoin, LayerZero, zkSync, Uniswap, Sui, Aptos, Optimism, Goldfinch, Ape, dYdX, Forta, Gitcoin

· Airdrop ratio: 8.87%

Paradigm( @paradigm )

· Number of investments: 92

· Projects with airdrops: 10

Uniswap, Farcaster, Friend Tech, Optimism, dYdX, Osmosis, Blur, Ribbon Finance, Gitcoin, Starknet

· Airdrop ratio: 10.86%

Binance Labs ( @BinanceLabs )

· Number of investments: 216

· Projects with airdrops: 19

Aptos, 1inch, Biconomy, Axelar, Space ID, Maverick, Galxe, Mint Club, Aevo, Bounce Bit, Renzo Protocol, Ethena, Arkham, Polyhedra, Sui, Hooked Protocol, Magic Square, Fusionist, Celestia

· Airdrop ratio: 8.79%

Coinbase Ventures( @coinbase )

· Number of investments: 394

· Projects with airdrops: 25

Uniswap, Aptos, Arbitrum, Optimism, TheGraph, IMX, Sei, Ribbon, Worldcoin, Biconomy, Hashflow, Arkham, Maverick, Galxe, Evmos, Goldfinch, Forta, Umee, Connext, Hop, Axelar, Wormhole, Maverick, Arkham, EigenLayer

· Airdrop ratio: 6.34%

DragonFly Capital (@dragonfly_xyz)

· Number of investments: 149

· Projects with airdrops: 25

Aptos, dYdX, 1inch, Ribbon Finance, Axelar, Hashflow, Galxe, Avail, Ethena, zkSync, Parcl

· Airdrop rate: 7.38%

HashKey Capital (@HashKey_Capital)

· Number of investments: 236

· Projects with airdrops: 8

dYdX, 1inch, Galxe, Evmos, Avail, Polyhedra, Beoble, Aethir

· Airdrop ratio: 3.38%

When I started this tweet, I thought statistics would be better. I took all the data from @CryptoRank_io and used the "Number of Investments" category as the overall metric, which is the total number of investments.

Every VC mentioned in this thread has invested in a project that I'm sure will do an airdrop, like Monad, Babylon, or Symbiotic.

But there is no guarantee that if some of these VCs have invested in the project you are looking for, they will do an airdrop.

You should check the token economics, development stage, whitepaper, team, VCs, rumors, etc. to see if there is an opportunity for an airdrop.

It's not hard, you just need some basic knowledge and luck.

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