America's Cup Argentina VS Chile, 4E limited time ticket giveaway is in full swing

24-06-21 16:36
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The 2024 America's Cup is in full swing, with many top teams competing fiercely for the glory of the championship. On June 25, Argentina will face Chile in this football feast that cannot be missed at MetLife Stadium. As the global partner of the Argentine national team, the 4E platform is holding a limited-time event on Twitter, giving away 5 tickets, allowing lucky fans the opportunity to watch the game for free.

Argentina vs. Chile, a well-matched contest

Argentina and Chile have faced each other many times in history. The two teams are equally strong and have their own unique tactical styles. Argentina has many world-class stars and their offensive firepower is terrifying, while Chile is known for its tenacious defense and hard work. Every match between the two teams in the America's Cup has attracted great attention from fans, and this game will be no exception.

For fans, it is undoubtedly a rare experience to feel the tense atmosphere of this top-level confrontation and witness every wonderful attack and defense. The demand for tickets for this game is extremely high, and many fans hope to be able to cheer for their favorite team in person.

Limited 48-hour ticket giveaway event, win the opportunity to watch the game

The Copa America match between Argentina and Chile on the 25th will be held at the MetLife Stadium. As the global partner of the Argentine national team, 4E is honored to work with this legendary team to bring a wonderful football feast to global users and fans.

To give back to the support of users and fans, 4E platform has launched a limited-time 48-hour ticket giveaway on Twitter, giving away 5 tickets for the Argentina vs. Chile match on June 25, each worth $328, providing fans who want to be there in person with a free opportunity to experience the passion and charm of the match. The event is easy to participate in, and can be completed in 3 steps:

How to participate:

1. Follow the official account @4E_Global on Twitter

2. Join our Telegram group:

3. Retweet and @ your friends (activity link in English and Chinese)  

This ticket giveaway not only provides fans with a chance to watch the game for free, but is also another concrete action for 4E to give back to the fans. 4E hopes that through such activities, more fans will be able to attend the game and feel the charm and passion of football. As a leading one-stop trading platform and global partner of the Argentine national team, 4E will continue to bring more benefits and surprises to fans around the world.

The current platform is also holding a trading event with a total reward of 2 million US dollars. Participants can win valuable prizes such as tickets to Argentina games, signed jerseys, and have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with Argentine national team players. At present, some users have successfully received autographed jerseys from Messi, Alvarez, Martinez, De Paul and other star players of the Argentine national team.


The America's Cup match between Argentina and Chile is about to start, and this match is bound to make all fans excited. Whether you are a loyal supporter of the Argentine team or a die-hard fan of the Chilean team, don't miss the opportunity of this limited-time ticket giveaway event. Participate now, win valuable tickets, and witness this football feast with fans around the world.

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