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HODLong Houlang
Host Introduction:
What you are listening to now is "Hanglang", and I am the host Mable. This program aims to explore the development of the Web3 community with the audience. The dialogue guests include project operators, investors, other ecosystem participants, etc., and w
Ep.37 [CN]: Justin: Zeus Network, a BTC interoperability protocol with Solana as the execution layer
- Justin’s self-introduction - What does Dappio do? How did you decide to start Zeus Network? - Why should there be a Bitcoin cross-chain protocol in the Solana ecosystem? Where is the demand? - How does Zeus Network’s cross-chain communication work, and the difference between it and Thorchain/LayerZero - About safety: How does the double-layer signature mechanism work in the design of Zeus Network? When will offchain signatures be enabled? If someone wants to do evil in extreme circumstances, they can theoretically approve transactions that were not approved by becoming a node, and this part of the cost of doing evil will be incurred. Are you worried that there will be certain risks in using economic assumptions to ensure the operation of the mechanism (similar to the same problem with Op-rollup)? During the challenge period, if a node points out a problem, what will be done next? How to consider the balance between the number of supported chains and security? - From the perspective of ordinary users, how can they participate in the Zeus protocol and use zBTC? - What is the focus of recent work, and some follow-up sharing and plans for GTM. - You announced the list of investors, which includes the founder of Stack and the founder of Solana. What role will investors play in future development?
00分00秒 2024-03-18
Gas Hero Producer Johnny: Programming Gas Hero’s Heroic Dream
In this podcast, Johnny, the producer of Gas Hero, talks about the origin, design concept and user experience of Gas Hero. [Podcast Highlights] -The origin of the game Gas Hero - What is the core of Web3 games? Based on this understanding, what trade-offs were made during the production of the game? - Discuss in detail the design priorities of each part - The difference between the production and development process and the traditional game development experience - Marketing, community and promotion - User types, what kind of fu
00分00秒 2024-01-23
Sleepless AI: Talk about the future of HIM & HER
[Podcast Highlights] - Introduction to the Sleepless team and the origin of the project - The advantages and disadvantages of the current experience provided by virtual companions and companion apps - The experience of the target users and draw on the experience of past projects - What users can do in the App now and what they can do in the future - Is the theme of love single-minded and limiting its audience? The companionship that many new generations pursue is not “love” as generally defined. - Looking for companionship in the v
00分00秒 2024-01-09
Ep.34 Saku: Matr1x FIRE explores undefined Web3 entertainment products
This podcast invites Saku, a game operations veteran, to talk about his main experiences in the past gaming and encryption industries and explore the story behind Matr1x FIRE. [Podcast Highlights] - As a game operation veteran, how can I quickly learn other Web3 project operation skills? - How would you introduce Matr1x to investors and community users who don’t know you in one or two sentences? - When deciding to initiate this project, who are the key people? - Matr1x FIRE completed beta testing last month to test various aspects of
00分00秒 2023-09-20
Ep.33 MasterPa Hanyang: Lao Lao "Who is making Binance?" 》The creative story behind
This podcast invites Han Yang, the author of the article "Who's Making Binance: A Borderless Company in 4,000 Resumes," to talk about his original intention in writing? [Podcast Highlights] During the writing process, did Hanyang try to dig out some non-public sources? Who is the audience and readers of this article in Hanyang’s mind? The article was first published in Wanwan. Wanwan is also the only media in China that has had the opportunity to interview CZ at length. How did they feel during the interview? The difference between As
00分00秒 2023-08-29
Ep.32 Brice: Enjoy Web3 game strategy and cultural experience in Mahjong Meta
Mahjong Meta will be officially launched on August 7, 2023! This episode of the podcast invites founder Brice to talk about his thoughts on the question "What experience do core players pursue in Web3 games?" [Podcast Highlights] - Many people asked me privately before, isn't it just a mahjong game? What do you want to do with so much money? - Why did you decide to make a Mahjong game in the first place? How was this decision considered? - If players who are completely unfamiliar with Mahjong culture are interested in participating, how
00分00秒 2023-08-07
Ep.31 Christine & Nomad: Azuki in the fandom and the community at the crossroads
This podcast invites Christine and Nomad to gain a new understanding of the concept of "why community is strong". Thanks for listening ~ Program summary: - Azuki OG Christine and Nomad’s respective backgrounds - The geographical and ethnic distribution of the community - The road to cooperation with IP - Why Azuki has a strong sense of community identity - Azuki’s rice circle culture - Art from the world of Azuki - The experience of casting Azuki Generations compared to the experience of casting Elementals - Regarding why
00分00秒 2023-07-10
Ep.29 Zhixian & Lixin: Listening to this episode is enough to understand the account abstraction
The Shownotes in this issue are less than 1% exciting than the actual content. [Podcast Highlights] About merging: - Incorporate general ins and outs - How to operate in legal affairs - Why is it necessary to merge? Account Abstraction (Acount Abstraction) and the future of Account Labs: - AA development status and future scenarios - The future of Account Labs, what are the biggest concerns about growth? - Some sharp comments on recent popularity of Ordinals and BRC 20 - Division of labor after team merging Standing
00分00秒 2023-05-20
Ep.28 [EN]: Pacman: The great path that Blur takes to scale the NFT trading network
【Shownotes:】 -Pacman's background - What is Blur? Who are the existing Blur users? - What do traders care or appreciate the most in terms of product design of Blur? - Compared to other existing players in the market, what else did Blur optimize? What did Blur do to be “fast”? - In Blend's case, it's clear that borrowers are the ones that want to buy now pay later. Where would Blend source the lenders? -Any plan for other EVM chains? - Any thoughts on more sophisticated products for NFTs on Blur? - Would the current UX
00分00秒 2023-05-05
Ep.27 [CN]: GM: The Journey of Changing the Mindset of a Technical Background Investor (Dragonfly)
This episode of the podcast invites crypto KOL @0xsudogm (Dragonfly) to talk about the difference between being an engineer and being an investor, and the pros and cons of an engineer’s thinking on being an investor. [Podcast Highlights] - The difference between being an engineer and being an investor, the pros and cons of an engineer's thinking on being an investor - Dragonfly should be the earliest encryption fund that wants to "connect the East and the West". What have you tried to do in these years? - Tech stacks that Eastern and Wes
00分00秒 2023-04-12
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