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Multichain suspected to be hacked; Several executives resigned from Binance; Threads saw a surge in registered users within a week of launch; Du Jun and Zhong Gengfa will subscribe to new Huo Science and Technology shares with cash, holding a 50.8% stake.
Review of popular events and in-depth articles from June 26th to July 2nd.
The hype around Meme coins is fading, while Worldcoin is making a comeback.
The market has ushered in a relatively quiet week, but there may be waves under the calm.
Revisit this week's hot spots: Brc20, RWA narrative, CoinList new project CyberConnect Token model, Gitcoin Beta Round donation.
Reviewing this week's hot topics: meme market trends; insights from the Web3 Hong Kong conference; SUI launching its IEO; Binance's new Launchpad causing a stir...
Relive what's trending this week: Growing up, family and Heritage of Binance founder CZ. Gambling + Rug, well-known NFT investors sold more than 20 BayCs to pay off debts; FTX restart? What is the point of contention?
What's hot this week: "2023 Hong Kong Web3 Carnival" brings together the most famous people in Hong Kong. Participated in the first stop of Crypto CityCamps in New York, winning 15,000 GMT; Ethereum Shanghai upgrade week countdown, ahead of the recovery o
The fines the CFTC has fined encryption companies over the years; Crypto OG are playing Arbitrum app Stealcam; What important functions have been updated for Sui Network's permanent test online line?
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