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GODA is the dark horse of NFT

2022-06-10 16:44
NFT Labs
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Phil Tung, KAWS are all here.
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Since the beginning of last year, the popularity of NFT has been soaring. Before, Cryptopunks and BAYC were born, and after that, Doodle and Azuki further joined together the blue-chip map. From NFT, which is used for social scenes, to PASS NFT, which provides rights for holders, the NFT market is increasingly prosperous. At one point, the market capitalization exceeded 36.8 billion dollars, creating an unprecedented "NFT SUMMER."

In the face of the hot NFT market, Stevie Curry, Neymar, Jay Chou and Eminem have all devoted themselves to become NFT players, and some stars and artists such as Liu geng hong, Yu Wenle and Fang Lijun have participated in selling their NFT projects. As a result, stars and artists are curious about this new field.

The GODA leads OpenSea in daily transaction volume by a wide margin

How to transfer excellent artist resources from traditional market to NFT market? GODA, which dominates the OpenSea charts, does just that.

GODA profile

What is GODA?

The main interface of GODA official website

fromwebsiteAs you can see, GODA is aDigital Asset Gallery.

It is aimed at two main groups of people: traditional artists and collectors.

For traditional artists, GODA "provides a trusted and curated resource for contemporary artists who want to explore digital new media". GODA works closely with traditional artists in the digital art space to ensure that their works are organically and realistically placed in the NFT market.

For collectors, GODA screens well-known figures in traditional art and presents their works to collectors.

In a word,GODA is an incubation platform with rich resources of trendy star artists.

What is The GODA Mint Pass?

The GODA Mint Pass is a Pass NFT sold to collectors by GODA. The total number of sold is 1,000, and The selling price is 1 ETH. After The sale in The early morning yesterday, The floor price was once close to 9 ETH, but now it has dropped to around 7 ETH.

From 1 ETH on sale to 9 ETH

The main benefit of The GODA Mint Pass is that it gives its holders The right of first refusal on The works of GODA incubated artists. For future NFT projects incubated by GODA, if the total number of sold exceeds 5000, Pass holders can Mint 2; Pass holders can Mint 1 if the total number of units sold is 1,500 to 5,000. If the total number of units sold is less than 1,500, it will be processed on a case-by-case basis and will be preferentially offered to Pass holders.

This "shovel" model is nothing new in the current NFT market, there have been similar Pass NFT projects like 0xOG that have incubated 3Landers, LonelyPop, and other NFT projects before. But in comparison, The GODA Mint Pass has a unique advantage on this track.

What are GODA's core competencies?

GODA team member

Compared to Web3 native projects, GODA's core competitiveness is that it has a wealth of stars and artists in traditional markets and fashion circles. According to GODA's website, the GODA team is made up of several well-known figures in consumer, art, music, NFT and fashion trends, such as Pharrell Williams, KAWS, Shaun Neff, and more.

Pharrell Williams

Mr Dong

13-time Grammy Winner Pharrell Williams is also a founding member of the GODA team. He is also a recording artist, producer, songwriter, philanthropist, fashion designer and entrepreneur.

"For me, working with GODA, we are building a bridge." "He said in an interview with Entrepreneur. "NFT provides a clear pathway for world-class artists to take advantage of this new opportunity."



inInstagramKAWS, a graffiti artist with more than 4 million followers on Facebook, acts as an art consultant on the GODA team.

KAWS 的作品早已是各大美术馆的常客,他的作品曾经在英国约克郡雕塑公园美术馆(Yorkshire Sculpture Park),西班牙马拉加当代美术馆(Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga),堪萨斯纳尔门当代美术馆(Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art)等机构展出,吸引了大量年轻人加入美术馆参观的行列。作为街头涂鸦艺术的代表人物之一,KAWS 的作品可谓炙手可热。他创作的《THE KAWS ALBUM》曾以 1.16 亿港元的价格在香港苏富比拍卖会成交。

Shaun Neff

  Shaun Neff   

fromLinkedinGODA team member Shaun Neff is a founder/investor/advisor to some of the world's top brands, such as: Neff, Sunbum, Moon, Beachhouse Group, Robinhood, Target, Sony, Sandbox, Outlier Ventures, etc.

"We felt there was a lack of a platform for high-level curation that artists trusted," Neff said in an interview with Entrepreneur. "There are so many NFT projects right now -- from legitimate to notorious rug effects -- that it's hard to distinguish between the good and the bad."

Fashion trend circle "rich" to NFT market "stir" may become a normal

GODA designs its Pass NFT as a "black Card"

"With GODA, we are making traditional and emerging art more accessible, valuable and open to more artists. Smart contracts take rights to a new level." Thin gold.

NFT has changed the way of art and the public contact. In the face of this market of ten billion yuan, there may be more and more fashion trend circle "giants" to participate in the future. GODA, a "super fleet" composed of many well-known artists, stars and business leaders, hopes to make artists and collectors get the best user experience by connecting high-quality resources in traditional markets. At the same time, GODA with so many resources could be a dimension reduction blow to those "self-made" Crypto Native NFT projects.

NFT Labs
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