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Coinbase's vice president announced details of the Coinbase NFT trading platform, which will be decentralized with non-Coinbase servers
On October 18, Sanchan S Saxena, vice president of Coinbase, tweeted details about Coinbase's NFT trading platform. Saxena stressed that the NFT trading platform will be hosted on unofficial servers not controlled by Coinbase to achieve decentralization. There are no lock-in restrictions on NFT transactions, and users can transfer NFT transactions from other platforms to Coinbase NFT, or from Coinbase NFT. Users will also be able to choose their own wallets connected to Coinbase's NFT trading platform, which will support NFT on several blockchains, including Ethereum, in the future.
Coinbase NFT's waiting list hit 1 million sign-ups
On October 14, official data showed that Coinbase NFT had more than 1 million registrants on its waiting list, approaching 1.15 million. The Coinbase NFT platform will initially be available to U.S. customers over the age of 18, and will be rolled out internationally in the future, according to previous announcements.
ViacomCBS, a multinational media company, has formed a strategic partnership with RECUR, an NFT brand experience company, to launch its NFT platform next spring
ViacomCBS inc. (NASDAQ: ViacomCBS) (NASDAQ: VIACA, VIAC) announced a strategic partnership with RECUR, a NFT brand experience company, aimed at creating a fan-centric platform to launch the company's signature IP brand into the NFT space. The platform will launch in spring 2022. ViacomCBS is a leading global media and entertainment company whose portfolio includes CBS, SHOWTIME, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, Paramount+ and Pluto TV. The company has the industry's largest share of TV viewers in the United States.
Comedy NFT Jambb raised $3.5 million, led by Arrington Capital and Animoca Brands
Arrington Capital and Animoca Brands led a $3.5 million round for Jambb, a comedy NFT company, on October 13. Dapper Labs, ParaFi Capital, LD Capital, Signum Capital, NextView Ventures, Ascensive Assets and Waterdrip Capital participated. Jambb will build the comedy-focused NFT platform on the Flow chain, which is similar to NBA Top Shot and offers a collection of videos based on different lengths.
ShoeFy, a NFT DeFi platform, completed $3.65 million in financing, with Participation of DuckDao and others
ShoeFy, the NFT DeFi platform, has raised $3.65 million in funding, DuckDao, MoonWhale, ExNetwork, AU21, Basics Capital and others participated. The ShoeFy platform combines NFT with homogenized Tokens, adding a new utility layer to NFT.
President of FTX.us: The upcoming Solana NFT market will not be online to distribute sales royalties to holders
On October 11th, FTX announced that its solana-focused NFT marketplace will not go live and distribute sales royalties to holders. In response, Brett Harrison, PRESIDENT of FTX.us, said, "We will launch NFT projects that pay royalties to artists or creators, but not projects that distribute ROYALTIES from NFT sales to NFT holders. An NFT that allows users to receive a share of revenue from transactions in a pool of assets is similar to a security."
Vera works with the Metasverse project Netvrk to offer NFT mortgages to Netvrk users
On October 9th, Open finance platform Vera announced a new partnership with Metaverse Project Netvrk by integrating Vera's Metaverse Mortgage solution into Netvrk, Virtual property collectors who do not want to sell crypto assets or who cannot buy Metaverse NFT can now finance the purchase through a mortgage.
Flow blockchain has launched BloctoBay, an NFT exchange marketplace, in beta
On October 7th, Flow blockchain launched BloctoBay, an NFT trading marketplace, which is currently in beta. BloctoBay currently supports MotoGP Ignition, DARK COUNTRY, Xtingles, Versus, Ben Mauro, CNN and other NFT deals, with more to come.
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